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Sky Petrov

(Damn this is old. XD)

A SP oc I made on SP Studios.
Sky Petrov

Skye, Sky guy


December 18

"No matter what I will not give in to fear"
Sky is very persistent, depending on the goals he wants to achieve he will keep pushing untill he gets there.

"Ill be with you all the way to the end and beyond."
Sky is very loyal to his friends and the people he trusts.

"Mess with my friends you mess with me."
Sky will protect his closest friends, even if it could put him in grave danger.

"Im sorry that you suffered this much pain, I wish I was there to help you."
Sky may be a tough kid but his compassion for others is what sets him apart. Sky hates to see his friends hurt, so he gives all his time to help them get up.


"Stan Marsh"
"I have a lot of respect for Stan, hes a really nice kid and his friendship with Kyle is one of a kind"
Sky sees stan as a really good friend, he likes his friendship with Kyle. Stan is one of Sky's first friends when he moved to south park.

"Kyle Broflovski"
"Kyle is definetly one of a kind, I love how he cares so much about his friends and his friendship with Stan is something I wish I had a friend who's at your side no matter what."
Kyle is one of Sky's closest friends and the second kid he met when he moved to South Park.

"Eric Cartman"
"Eric is someone I don't really like to talk to or hang around with, the guy is a big jerk especially to Kyle, I hate how he says Kyle would backstab me and leave me behind but I know better, I really hate how he bullies butters on a daily basis, Even though he's racist, a bigot, a homophobic and strait up messed up kid, he cares alot for his friends, deep down I know theres hope in him"
Sky dosen't like Cartman at the least but still considers him a friend, him and Sky ended up fighting physically one day because he was messing with Butter., Cartman dosen't like Sky either, he even plans to kill him one day for making him look like a fool in their fight.

"Butters Stotch"
"Butters was the first kid I met when I moved to South Park, he was the first friend I made here in South Park, overtime we became Best Friends to the point where we consider each other as brothers, I hate how he gets picked on by almost everyone in South Park but Cartman messes with him the most, One time I protected him from Cartman by beating him up, I won't let anyone hurt Butters if they do there gonna mess with me"
Butters is Sky's best friend, Sky is very protective over Butters, hes afraid that Butters would get hurt if he were to listen to what Cartman tells him.


"Ray(Raymon Blake)"
"Ray's a good friend of mine, butters introduced me to him, Ray's a nice guy I like to hang out with him more when we have the time"
Ray's owned by :iconrikubattle:
"Liza Morello"
Liza is a really nice girl, she's very kind to me, though I am worry about her crush with Cartman, I'm afraid that Cartman would hurt her, but I do support her crush on Cartman, who knows maybe one day Cartman will fall for her"
Liza Morello is owned by :iconkawaii-artistic:
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i feel like my OC Skye AND sky would be good friends lol, the confusion of the names.

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Awww! You're the person I have inspiration to make my OC Mike tbh :3
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I'm very honored to know that^^
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I love his looks! :3 :heart:
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Awww thank you!^^
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Man, you really choosed a great and heartwarming last name for Sky.
Stiliyan "Stan" Petrov was a Bulgarian soccer player. He's one of the greatest ever in Bulgaria, he always had extraordinary skills and he scored great goals. Only, in 2012, he had to stop his career, because he was diagnosed with Leukemia. So at every 19th minute (19 was his shirt number) of a game, the fans of Aston Villa (his last club, located in Birmingham, England) make a standing ovation. He's not dead yet, fortunately.
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Wow...that is such a nice and heartwarming thing to read Martin..
I had never heard of this soccer player, mostly because i'm not a big sports fan..but man he has an amazing story...It was sad to read that he stopped because of Leukemia ;w; (Seriously fuck cancer ;w; )

But man...reading that last part with his fans...that must have been the greatest thing he heard. I'm so glad the he is still alive.^^
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Thank you hehe^^
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No problem ;) I love South Park ^^
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Awesome. I do to^^
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Yay ^^
I do to some south park art work ^^
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Sky sure is very cute, and it's nice to see that he greatly admires Stan and Kyle's friendship!
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You're more than welcome.
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Nice character ^^
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He has such a cute fluffy jacket!
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Thank you I think it's cute to, it reminds me of San's jacket
ThatSaltyWitch's avatar
Ah, so that's why it looked so familiar to me! I hadn't recognized the idea at first but I can totally see it now. XD
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