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Rose Vallet.

Now added a last name, personality, story and some facts about her.

Name: Rose Vallet

Age: 10

Personality: Rose is a kind girl, though she can be timid around other people. But when she is around boys, she can be very nervous, most of the time she'll try to avoid making eye contact to boys whenever one tries to talk to her. But if anyone can manage to befriend her, she is a very easy person to get along with. She can be very caring to, whenever she sees someone having a bad time or something, she'll try to comfort them.

Status: single.

Relationships: Has none as of now.

Story: Rose was once a normal girl living out her life in another place in Colorado. But one day, she wondered off to some place away from her town and she ended up finding some hidden place. She got too curious and decided to check it out. Though she ended up getting knocked out when she entered. When she awoken, she found herself in some room. the only thing she saw was a man in robes, though she couldn't see who the person was due to the hood of the robe covering their face. She begged for the man to let her go, but the man ignored these pleas and began to cast some dark magic spell over Rose. Though this man was inexperienced and was only testing out one of the spells. After the spell was cast on Rose, she had grown cat ears and a tail, she also gained some traits relating to cats. After this happened, the man went back to the book to try out a different spell. As the man was looking though his book, Rose took the opportunity to free herself. When she manages to break free of her bindings, she escaped and ran back to her town and back to her home. There she went to her room and was surprised to see her cat ears and tail. She ended up breaking down a bit after this revelation. Rose knew she wouldn't be the same after what happened. After that day, Rose would try to get use to her cat ears and tail. But she was afraid of how people will react with her cat ears and tail and she had the constant fear that the man who did this to her was looking for her. A few weeks later, Rose and her family decided to move somewhere else, Rose was nervous about moving out, but she had to go with it anyway, she wanted to be far from her town, since it was possible the man lived there as well. After sometime, Rose's family moved to South Park. There Rose will have to get use to living in this new town. Rose hopes that she can get use in this new town and hopefully make some friends that she can get along with.

Facts about Rose: 
-Rose is a bit blind, she cant see words when she is in a certain distance. So she needs her glasses to help her see better.

-Rose has a cat tail, though it's hidden under her clothing. Since she hates showing her cat parts in public. She'll wear either a hoodie or a cap over her head.

-Rose carries a pair of scissors with her. Though she only uses them in self defense.

-Rose will allow people to pet her cat ears if she trusts them enough.

-Rose dislikes perverts. Though she can tolerate them if they are a friend. But if it's a person she doesnt know, she'll stay away from that person for a certain amount of time.

-Rose can act like a cat at times. Like she'll try to play with anything that looks like a toy in her eyes. Heck sometimes she'll purr whenever she is happy about something.

-Rose's family are the only people that Rose is comfortable with showing her cat tail and ears, since she knows they'll keep quiet about it and that she trusts them as well.

Oh and I should say this to. Rose wont just be a SP oc. She'll be used in other things aside from SP. I gyess she is a multiverse Oc? Idk what it's called but yeah, she wont be limited to SP. I'll use her in other things as well.
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Aww, I really like her design! qwq Can’t Wait to see how you develop her!
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Thanks dude. Give credit to Jaz. Ahe was the one who designed her qwq
Me to dude, i'm excited ti develop her to.
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Moar kitties, MOAR
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Yes! Moar kitty friemds for Cadence! ;w;
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Awwww... She's cute~ :'3
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Thank you Keith^^
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