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New Ocs.

Order starts from left to right.

This will be updated more later on.

Arnie Verdin


Personality: Arnie is normally a very friendly kid, he rarely ever acts aggressive to others. Though at times he can be protective over his brother Alan, this will only happen if he had a good reason for it like if someone dared to pick on his brother. But aside that, he can be a really easy person to get along with. He can be very loyal to others as well especially to his brother Alan. 

Story: Arnie used to live in France with his family, he had an easy childhood in his city and school. Though at school, it wasn't exactly the easiest thing to him. There were two kids who would constantly pick on him and Alan, but they normally ignored them and try not to engage any form of conversations with them. But aside the bullying they endure, they had an easy life in France. But one day that would change, the two boys did something very harsh to the boys. The boys tried to pick a fight with Arnie and Alan on that day, but Arnie and Alan didnt want to fight the two, so they tried to walk away from them like they normally do....but the boys were persistent, the boys began to throw rocks at the brothers. One of the rocks badly hurt Alan, this was the breaking point for Arnie, he ended up fighting back but the fight was cut short when a teacher catches the boys fighting, Arnie got himself in expelled due to engaging in a fight even when he was only defending himself and protecting Alan. After this, his family decided it be best to move somewhere else. Thanks to this decision, they ended up moving to South Park.

Alan Virdin

age: 10

Personality: Alan is very similar to his brother in personality, though he is the shyest out of the two and will sometimes depend on his brother more then anybody else. But he enjoys helping people when they need his help, even if it's those who aren't the nicest to him. *CoughCartmanCough*

Story: Alan lived in France along with his family, his time in France was easy and not too harsh to him. Though he was picked on at school by two boys, he was picked on the most, it's unknown why he was picked on the most over his brother Arnie. It's possible due to him being one of the shyest kids in school. But he normally ignored the two boys, since he always knows that if him and his brother ended up fighting back, they would end up getting in trouble to. But one day, the two boys decided to be very harsh towards the brothers. But Alan didnt give in to their insults, but when the boys threw the rocks at Alan and Arnie. Alan was hit really hard at the back of his head from one of the thrown rocks, he ended up getting a concussion from this, though luckily due to him not engaging in the fight. Alan wasn't expelled though he had to go to the hospital due to his injury. He would later recover from his injuries, but he would be surprised to hear they were going to move from France to america. This was very big for Alan, he had never been to another country, so this was a big thing for him. But he was ready to live in america when the time came for them.

Camille Lagos

age: 10

Personality: Camille is a friendly girl, she loves to befriend people. Camille is a very brave girl as well, hardly anything scares her (Well a few things do, but I wont say XD) Camille is also very curious, she is eager to learn more about the things around her. But she can easily get annoyed if somebody ends up saying something bad to her.

Story: Camille used to live in Greece before moving to South Park. Her time in Greece was great for her, she loved learning her about country's history and culture. She spent most of her free time reading books about her country's culture and history, but one day her parents wanted to move to another country to find a better job then the one they had in Greece. This surprised Camille since she never traveled to another place aside from her town and country. Plus she was nervous she would get picked on for being Greek and only speaking in her country's language, since she never really decided to learn English before in her life. Eventually her family would move to america and live in South Park. Here Camille would have to get use to living in a country she wasn't so familiar with and learning a new language so she can speak to the other people in her new home. 

(Camille's story may change as time goes on.)

The last oc will be updated later on. I still need to think about what I should do with it.

Anyway I hope you guys liked this.
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Camille looks a bit like a tomboy xD
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Really? XD Huh she kinda does actually XD
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Hihi! Chloe sends her regards xD
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Yeah, you can do that. XD I don't want people thinking you're ripping off Andy, even if he was one of Andy's many beta designs. X'D

Can't wait to see what you do with these four. ;w;
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Yeah. Best to be safe. XD

Same here ;w; But you dont have to wait too long now, since now they have names and stories (except for one XD)
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Yup. X'D

Yay~ :'3
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The second one from the left looks a bit like Andy
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Yeah. I know he does. He was actually one of Andy's beta designs.
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