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This is the "real" world, where we (as people) would reside in. The nightmare tree rests directly below one of the entry points to the waking world. Anything that can dream and have nightmares may dream up a Stygian. IC (in character)-ly, this means you may draw/write/create the human(s) that dreamed about your Stygian visiting them. You can create an entire setting for this, but anything you draw here cannot interact with the dream or nightmare worlds (any of the settings below). Basically if you want to draw a normal guy in a cafe, who saw your coffee Stygian in a nightmare, you can draw it here. You can even draw your cafe barista guy drawing up/talking about the Stygian they saw in their nightmares (though the Stygian itself cannot interact with them).


The next tier is the dream world, considered a long corridor between the waking world and the nightmare realm. Here, the roots of the tree have almost no power, those that travel in the dream world are prone to attacks from the non-nightmare friendly variety. Here, Stygian may also drag or corrupt others into the world of nightmares. The dream world is considered where all the "good" dreams take place. IE, writing/drawing anything for Stygian(s) to explore, as long as it contains a slight element of "dreams" to the theme (ie a good dream about X, a beautiful dream world with flowers, dreams containing lush forests or great castles, meeting other creatures bizarre or existing, etc, anything that could be a dream setting) will be considered in this area.


This is the very first layer that belongs to the tree. Here, Stygian are at their prime element and have full power. The nightmare world also extends beyond the base of the tree below. Branching off the well-known path, Stygian will move further and further into unexplored, uncharted nightmare territory. They may find nightmares, creatures, things that they have never seen before, of the friendly and non-friendly variety. As the nightmare realm is endless, they cannot venture too far from the tree, or they may be lost forever. IE, writing/drawing anything for Stygian(s) to explore, as long as it contains a slight element of "nightmares" to the theme (ie twisted, broken forests, old castle ruins, long unending corridors, meeting other unusual nightmare creatures, anything that could be a nightmare setting) will be considered in this area.


A series of endless domains, this area is well contested due to being closest to the tree, the source of all their power. Here you make make "home hubs" for your Stygian, as large and endless as you want. What is in your Stygians home is up to you - it could be as simple as a house or a bent tree, or as complex as endless waterfalls and canyons leading to a castle that touches the stars. The theme of the home has to be related to your Stygian - so for example, if it is floral themed, think of something floral-inspired for their home hub. You can draw/write this however you wish and continuously create new areas in your home hub. Other Stygian, as long as they are invited, can also access your domain. Legendary Stygian can have kingdoms, a series of multiple domains they created. They can also invite a Stygian and their domain into their kingdom. Think of this like a domain being a town, and a kingdom being a... kingdom.


Nobody knows when the tree stopped moving, but as it did, large, colourless crystals grew around the base of the tree and there was a great silence. If there ever was a great deity, they are quiet now, leaving behind only fragments, also known as branches, of its legacy. (ICly, these are legendary Stygian).

If you have any other questions related to the setting, or any clarification needed, feel free to post a comment below!

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