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Make sure you have registered for the site first! Then, all Stygian you obtain will show up in your profile here when you log in!


To you can check all your site progress, you can go to your { site profile } when you log in!

  • If you see any missing trophies, Stygian, etc, you can report the bugs HERE.
  • You can even check out other users profiles using { the users list! }


On your site profile, click on one of your Stygian! Let's walk through some of the stuff step by step so it's not too crazy.

Updating your Stygian Profile, Name, and if okay for Gift Art:
To set up your Stygian's name, profile, and if they are okay for gift art, click on your Stygian, then click on "edit profile" button. Below is also a tick mark, in case you'd like your Stygian to be okay for gift art ( ie people to draw art of them!).

Assigning Skill Points:

If you have undistributed skill points that show up on your user profile, just click on the "buy skills" button

Then click on "assign skill points" to assign it to that Stygian.

Buying job skills:

Click on the "Buy Skills" button on the side panel. This will lead you to a bigger panel that allows you to purchase skills with any SKILL POINTS you have earned!  Different skills will allow for different bonuses for your Stygian! (See above "skill point" info on where to obtain skill points!)

To assign unused skill points if you have any, just click on the "assign skill points" button like the image above!

Setting an element and attack:

You can set an element and attack for your Stygian using the dropdown menus. It's pretty easy and you can view what in detail the effects it has for your Stygian here!. A reminder setting an attack is permanent (it is randomly rolled), and elements can only be changed once every 2 weeks.


 Shadow tokens:
Shadow tokens are our site-wide currency! You can check how many shadow tokens you own in your site profile here

Where to obtain Shadow tokens:


Skill Points:
Once again, skill points are used to buy your individual Stygian skills. Some quests and other events may grant you a "pool" amount of skill points, which means you can assign them to any Stygian you wish!

Where to obtain skill points:

Skill point shops:


Achievements: You can get all sorts of trophies for accomplishing stuff in the ARPG, such as collecting 5 daydreams, or completing your first quests. These also give you lots of bonus prizes!

Where to obtain achievements:

Check all your achievements:


Your Cards (aka THE TCG):
The TCG is our "battle system" for Stygians, use it to obtain prizes without having to break a sweat into writing or art!

How to get more cards/booster packs:


Your Items (bought items):
Items are part of the reward system for the ARPG! Use it to buy potions upgrade your Stygian's designs, looks, rarities, and even special items such as stat reroll potions.

Items General Info:

Where to obtain items:


Daydreams are small, collectable pets that you can use to attack to your Stygian! Let's take a look at how to attach them to my Stygian, and potentially, even make some evolve (just a note not all Daydreams can evolve):

Click on a daydream in your Daydreams inventory. Now, let's assign it to one of your Stygian.

When it has been assigned, that Daydream now belongs to that Stygian! Go back to your site profile, click on your Stygian you assigned the Daydream too, and scroll down until you see that Daydream again! Let's click on it! Now, you can feed it. Just a note, some Daydreams cannot evolve, but in this case you can evolve it!  

When a Daydream has been assigned enough skillpoints (different amounts, with different Daydreams), a giant evolution popup will show up! Just a note again some Daydreams cannot evolve. Now, click on it!

Congrats, you evolved your Daydream! Just a note some Daydreams can even evolve into multiple evolution types at random!

If you evolved a daydream and would like it's card, claim it here: stygians.thesporkedken.com/tra… (in comments, list the NAME OF THE DAYDREAM you're claiming it for so we know what to look for!)

Daydreams General Info:

How to get more Daydreams:


:star: FISHING: Fish up daydreams for you to obtain! HERE

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Easter Egg by Zoomutt   A ç̝̗̫̳̮͘u̳̮̪̥͘͠ṟ̶͚̞͜i̶̬̫̺̠͚̤̬o̵̲̤͞u̵̡͇͚̯̼͖̺s͍̗̯ thing has appeared! Could it be a 2̓̇̐͊̃͋̀̏͏̴̕0̶ͬ̔̋ͧͭ̒̔͛͜1͐͋ͭ̀ͤ9́̿̑ͨ̇ͧ͘ ͐ͬͨͦͦ̄̽͗Ȇͩͩ̂҉̶ĝ̡̂ͩ̏ͣ̓̇ͪģ̾ͫ̃...? Post your site name to make a c̷͖͖͙͈͍̪͎͂̿ͭ̓ͥ̃͜o̟͖̘̩̫̎̀͐ͧ̍n̛̮̐ͬ̋ͣ͑ͅţ̼͖͕̣̟͊͌ͥ͗ͨr̥͖̩ͦ͑a͓͕̱̞͍̿̂̂̽̒̓̔ͫc̺̹̪ͨ͒ͭ̏̒ͣ̕ţ͖͇̘͍̾ͭͨ̑̆̉̾ with it!
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You are also now maxed out on eggs!
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The contract is sealed, and the egg has been sent!
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hot diggity what a delight
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So, I see some links doesn't work. Specially the ones that goes out from deviantart. Not sure if they're suppose to not working, that they're not in there or that they're not ready yet :/
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Links have been updated and should be working now! Thank you for letting us know!
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Ahh yes some of the links are not ready yet, once they are please do feel free to update them, sorry about that Q__Q @ installments coming a bit at a time
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What's this odd thing??

Egg Blue by Zoomutt

Comment to claim!
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No worries! I understand ^w^ 
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These are for things that will be released soon over the next couple of days! We didn't want to overwhelm players with information, so we've staggered the TCG release out in order to give everyone a chance to read, understand, and ask questions one step at a time. Pixel: Heart Jump 
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Easter Egg by Zoomutt
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you've picked up an egg!!!
you've also maxed out on eggs <3 congrats!!
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Okie dokie! Thanks :) I have no troubles waiting hehe
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