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I've been on and off hearing snippets of how Stygians may require a lot of extensive "reading". I want first and foremost to make sure I lay this issue to rest: Stygians is not a required arpg, you do not need to participate in it if you do not feel like it, (especially) if you own a Stygian. A Stygian is perfectly fine as what I fondly call "eye candy", or really whatever you want them to be, if you decide to use their design as a personal OC outside of arpgs. The reason why I have so many bells and whistles in the group is simply because I want to make it accessible for as many people as possible to create or obtain the Stygian/designs they want, and feel like there is a world around whatever they want to build. You can even start the group "blind", just by clicking on a random link, and seeing where that may lead you. There's no right or wrong way to play the game, it's your game based on your characters.

Let's say you buy a flatsale Stygian, and it's blue, and you really don't like blue. You have full freedom, by using any of our free gamified methods (such as questing, fishing, gardening, etc) to gather enough of our game currency, Shadow Tokens, to turn your Stygian your ideal colour. You can give them wings by buying them a back wing potion, you can even add or remove traits, or turn them into a different subspecies all-together. One thing I really wanted to bring to this group is ideal customization, and I feel like it is very unfair if all customization was paid only : it should be by entirely your choice of effort, if and when you want it for your character, and however you want to have it applied. If you want another Stygian there's MYOs, if you want Stygian based off your existing one, there's Guardian MYOs, so on so forth, the options are endless, but only if you're seeking to do so: these options are always open, and don't have any time limit whatsoeer.

Re questing: I didn't want people to be stuck into only doing quests every month in an endless wheel, that's why I try to spice things up with things such as TCG boss battles, small site games, puzzles, mini-events, and the likes ( and even discord weekly games!) It gives those of different interests and effort levels to reap the rewards they want without feeling like they are overcommitting, or doing an activity that could be considered tough, or tedious. This species is based on nightmares, and to a big degree, your dreams as well. It is whatever you'd like it to be - you can even obtain the rarest level of Stygian ie: legendary for free! - as long as you're interested in getting there, and are inspired to do so.

Having said that, I'd always love to hear your feedback on how to grow the species (would you like to see more story activities? More quests? More site minigames?) . It started really out as a modest project I just did in my spare time and has grown into something I'm very proud of, and happy to have, both newbies and visitors and regulars and of course, veterans alike. Thank you so much for sticking around, and I'm very excited to bring some more projects and development into the future.

- Zoo


SITE SUGGESTIONS: I'd love to hear your site suggestions of what to do for the following future events/ etc! What events worked for you, or what things would you like to see implemented in Stygians? What do you think could be expanded on more or simplified? Feel free to leave suggestions below or post to #suggestions on the discord.


  • If you see a site bug, feel free to post it below, or post in the discord under #questions-and-bugs channel! When doing so please list where you found it, and preferably a screenshot of the bug so we can locate the issue and fix it ASAP!
    Use the claims to claim all other articles missing, and link to proof of where you won it. The claim should be "Misc". This must not have already been submitted here. If you have multiple unclaimed event wins please submit individual ones for EACH event.

    If something is just randomly incorrect like your skill points not lining up with your tracker, etc etc and you don't know where it's from please post below.  We will require a link to your tracker for these claims.

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hi i have few things to ask

1. I changed my deviantart accound and i wanted to change my name and my email on the site.

2. Also wanted to change the owner name on this masterlist entry

MYO 180

there is status on my old acc about changing: https://www.deviantart.com/roxi-lab/status-update/21423230 but i can relog into it and comment here if needed.

3. the last thing i wanted is to change the masterlist image

How do i do these? sorry if these are stupid questions i had a long break from DA and now im a lil lost /w\