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Welcome to the Starter's Quest for Stygian-Shade! This quest can be taken by anyone who has ONE OF THE THREE CONDITIONS:

  • (1)  Never owned any Stygian!  (Regular, Guest, Guardian, Hybrid, or MYO)
  • (2) Never owned any MYO OR FREEBIE Stygian.  That means if you for some reason have only ever gotten Stygian you paid for with USD, then you can go ahead and make a Figment starter MYO. To check to see if you won your Stygian for free, go to the masterslist (stygianlist.deviantart.com), search up your username, click your Stygian and search for Can Trade/Gift/Sell: Can Gift / Trade / Sell. If it says anything else, you won it through the ARPG or in a giveaway and will not be eligible. (This goes for all types: Regular, Guest, Hybrid, Guardian, Legendary, MYO/MYOvember)
  • Meaning if you let's say, bought 2 flatsale Stygian recently, and only own those two, you'll be able to make yourself a Figment!
  • Please not that guest Stygian that you create for use during an event and turn them into a full Stygian, this will count as the Figment quest meaning you will not be eligible for this quest!
  • (3) Won a Stygian in any way (sale, trade, event) AND GIFTED it away with no indication of art, money, or other adopts/Stygians being involved, and no longer have any Stygian PRIOR TO NOVEMBER 16 2018. Note: this does not include if you give your Figment away.  
  • That means if you decide on November 17th 2018 to give away your 3 Stygian, you still would not be eligible.

This free starter MYO questline can only be done once per user, regardless of if you give yours away or trade it/ etc ! That's it - have fun and good luck!

Main Myo by Zoomutt

Hey there, dreamer!


A figment is a temporary Stygian that is still an idea and haven't fully formed quite yet. They're a stray thought, the quiet uncertainty of whether or not you left the water running before you left your home.In adoptables and game mechanics terms, these are a free make-your own starter Stygian. This quest is designed to be an introduction to the Stygian species and allow you to experiment -- meaning if you make a blue design in one step, you can totally change it to another color with different markings in the next step! Once you've completed the questline below, you'll be able to design your very own free make-your-own Stygian!


Please remember to submit all Figment Quest art into the { FIGMENT QUEST } folder here, even if it's with an existing Stygian. All Figment activities are considered non-canon and cannot be used outside of the Figment Quest!


This MYO questline will consist of several different prompts, each one based around the different aspects found in this ARPG.  You can choose whether you'd like to write or draw each step. Please note that each step must be unique -- you may not reuse art or use a base for each step.

{ WRITE } - Each step must be a minimum of 250 words.

{ DRAW } - Each step needs to be a unique full body with color! They do not have to be fully lined/shaded, they can be sketchy styled flats too, or pixels, or mini-fied! Backgrounds are 100% optional (except for the step that asks you to basically draw a background). Yes, you will need to redraw your Stygian for each step; please do not use bases.

 { REMEMBER, FIGMENTS ARE TEMPORARY STYGIAN! } - This means what you do in this quest is unofficial and cannot be used outside of the Figment Quest folder!  Once the questline is done, then your temporary Figment turns into a permanent starter Stygian MYO. This also means that you are more than welcomed to change different aspects about your Figment, meaning you can change their markings/colorations/etc as often as you'd like until the final step.  Once they have been created, you will need to buy potions to change their colors, markings, and traits.

 { FIGMENT MYOs ARE FREE! } - By completing this quest, you are earning a free starter Stygian MYO of either the Standard or Miniature subspecies!

 { REGARDING OTHER STYGIAN SUBSPECIES } - If you discover a subspecies that you really like, the good news is that it's possible to change your starter Stygian into them! If you want them to be a specific subspecies straight out of the gate however, you will need a rebase ticket. You can purchase rebase tickets for uncommon species in the item shop. For other species, the rebase tickets are often given out as prizes in events -- keep an eye out for them!

{ DON'T FEEL LIMITED! } The Figment Quest is all about experimenting and trying out new traits! You are more than welcomed to try out different traits/colors/etc in each step. This quest is not considered cannon so anything you try out here in this quest pretty much stays here in this quest.

{DON'T BE AFRAID TO EXPERIMENT, BUT...}  - While we fully encourage you to try  out things and consider covering your Stygian in eyes and spikes and crowns and whatnot, please stick to the list of available site traits here: stygians.thesporkedken.com/lor…

{ SUBMITTING YOUR FIGMENT MYO } - Once your quest is submitted, please also submit your MYO for approval! Check below to see details!



Think back. Do you remember your latest dream? Was it a nightmare? Either way, it's okay to make up a dream, or turn on your favorite piece of music and take inspiration from that. The main thing is, go ahead and draw or write a design for your Figment Stygian inspired by a (real or fake) nightmare. Or, in other words: draw a basic nightmare deer.


Creating your first Nightmare Deer: 

{ BEFORE YOU BEGIN } You will need to register to the site to submit and claim your finalized MYO! Please make sure to register { here } ! Once done, feel free to review the Stygian Design Guide over on our site, here! The guide will go over basic anatomy, which we'll focus on in this step.

{ FIRST: PICK A SIZE } - All starter Figment Stygians are considered the { standard type } but they can also be the tiny { miniature } version as well! Click on the links to see the difference. Don't forget that you are also free to experiment, meaning you can (for example) draw them as a standard type here in step 1 and as a miniature in step 2!

{ TRAIT #1: HAIR! } - For this step, you're welcomed to give your nightmare deer a short to medium length hairstyle. The length shouldn't exceed the bottom of their chest. You can also leave them bald if you so desire!

{ TRAIT #2: A TAIL! } - You can give your Figment Stygian one of the following: Bird, Horse, Fox, Wolf, Cat, Deer. The length can be short or long. Please be sure to use an animal that currently exists in real life! Please note that bird tails can easily be mistaken for a fantasy trait, so if you pick a bird tail like the Great Racket-Tailed Drogo, Turquoise-browed Motmot, etc please mention it somewhere in your art description! The maximum length a tail can be is the same length from chest-to-butt of the Stygian.

{ PLEASE DON'T ADD ANY OTHER TRAITS FOR STEP #1 } - Additional traits will come in the next step -- this step is to get you comfortable with drawing a basic Stygian. If you read the guide, you likely got a sneak peek at some traits -- you're free to look, but don't draw any until the next step!

{ ON COLORS AND MARKINGS } - Go wild! The only limitation we have on markings is that they cannot look like traits -- ie, please don't draw patterns that look like scales, or spots that look like eyes. You can also change what colors and markings you use throughout Figment's Quest, so if you make a blue stygian for this step you can totes switch over to rainbow in the next step!

{ HEY! WHAT IF I'M WRITING?} -  Stygian are born from nightmares and get their power from them, however they do NOT interact with the person of being having the dream or nightmare. This means that if you choose to write about a nightmare you had that you please focus on the nightmare and focus on the type of nightmare deer that would be created as a result from it. What do they look like? What kind of personality do they have? If they were suddenly dropped into a coffee shop, what kind of drink or snack would they order? Would they leave without paying?


{ ADD SOME TRAITS! } - Create a new image of your starter Figment Stygian, but this time please also visit our master { traits page } on our site and pick ANY TWO traits to them! You may add more than two should you wish.

Please also list which traits you're using! This list can be included in the description of your deviation.

{ PLEASE DO NOT PICK THE PRIMORDIAL TRAIT! } - You can experiment with that one in the next step!

{ WHAT IF I'M WRITING? } - The main goal of this step is to explore your character with additional traits; how you go about it is up to you. Did they wander into a shop in the Nightmare World and bought some potions to improve their look? If their source of nightmare came from dreams about thunderstorms, are they able to summon thunder clouds (see: elemental aura) or fade from view a bit (see: semi-transparent)? Or maybe they look at themselves in a mirror and try to figure out what they want to become. Remember, what you write here isn't considered canon in the ARPG so if you want to write about them drinking potions in order to match their LARP character you totes can!

Remember, this quest is non-canonical and has no effect on your Stygian once they have been accepted into the ARPG. The goal of this step is to get you thinking about what YOU think would be great to have on your Stygian. While your Figment Starter Stygian can only start with two common traits, you can buy most of traits from the item shop with shadow tokens (our ARPG currency). You can also add traits later at any time to your character too!


Stygian come in many different shapes and sizes in the form of different subspecies. If traits are the raincoat and booties you manage to get on your corgi, a subspecies shift would turn your raincoat-wearing corgi into a raincoat-wearing poodle. Each Stygian subspecies comes with unique design requirements.

{ PICK A SUBSPECIES, ANY SUBSPECIES } - In this step, pick ANY subspecies type from our { list of subspecies } and draw your Figment Stygian as them! Keep the general requirements for each species in mind. If you'd like to see some examples, please visit our { Stygian Masterlist } on our website or our { Stygian dA Masterlist } here on deviantart!

{ YES, NOW YOU CAN TRY PRIMORDIAL } - The Primordial Trait will turn your existing Stygian into the Primordial Variant! For some lore about them, please visit this page.

{ FOR WRITERS } - You can jump forward in time and assume that your Stygian has collected enough power to change their form. Did they create a new potion to drink? Is there a special ritual they undergo to change their shape? Or do they just wake up one morning to discover themselves in a different form?

The goal of this step is to introduce you to the different subspecies of Stygian in our ARPG. If you are interested, you can find the lore on legendary Stygian here on our website and primordial Stygian here. In order to turn your Stygian into a different subspecies, you will need to use either a rebase ticket or level up the appropriate { job skill } to unlock it as an option. Some subspecies can only be obtained during events, so keep an eye out!


{ Stygian } Avatar Forms (Updated!) by Zoomutt
{ Avatar (alternate forms) sheet (click thumbnail!) }

{ DESIGN AN AVATAR FORM } - Tired of drawing deer? This is where the Stygian Avatar system comes into play! An "avatar" form is an alternate form for a Stygian that is either human OR animal. These avatar forms need to retain a similar design to the original Stygian design.

{ ON HUMAN FORMS } - Eye and hair colors need to be the same, however the skin color can be different. The Stygian ears, antlers, and tails can carry over for a gijinka appearance.

{ ON ANIMAL FORMS} - The markings must be similar to the original Stygian design. Note that all animal forms are the same size as a Stygian, meaning if you pick a whale then it will be a deer-sized whale. In addition, the animal must be an existing animal.

{ WHAT ABOUT DINOSAURS? DRAGONS? } - These are considered "mythical" forms and available to legendary stygian only. Please do not pick a mythical creature for the Figment quest; we may ask you to redo this step.

{ FOR WRITERS } - Does your Stygian take on this form as a design? Why do they feel attached to that particular form? If they're human, what kind of clothes do they wear? If they're an animal, do they indulge in animal behaviors? Or do they maybe have a bird form in order to fly?

When you create a Stygian, you are allowed to pick either one animal OR one human form right off the bat. You don't need to post anywhere to lock this choice in place, but if you'd like to have both forms then you will need to have your Stygian complete the Order and Chaos one-time quest which can be found { here }.


All Stygian live in the { WORLD OF NIGHTMARES }. However, they have their own personal "island" they live on, called their kingdom. This kingdom of theirs is based off the nightmare they originally came from, and can be as large as you, the designer wishes! It could have anything from nonsensical trees to floating castles to upside down twisted corridors, the sky is the limit.

For this step, draw or write a snippet of what their nightmare kingdom could look like. Maybe for now, it's just the blossoming of their kingdom.

Kingdoms can always change, expand, and grow over time. Just because you designed something for this trial quest doesn't mean you are locked into this, you can always change or revisit the concept once your Stygian becomes an actual one!


It's time to meet another player's Stygian by drawing or writing your Stygian with theirs in any type of interaction (or just next to each other)! This other Stygian must be owned by another player because it's time to meet someone new! If you are uncomfortable reaching out to someone for permission to draw their character please visit our { LIST OF APPROVED STYGIAN FOR FANART }! All Stygian on this list are available to draw, as their owners have already given permission.

Don't forget to tag the owner when you draw them! If you're stumped for what to have them do, some Stygian owners have also written short bios about their characters that can help inspire you! The other person's stygian you pick to draw also earns a sweet +5 skillpoints too!


{ SUBMITTING YOUR STEPS 1 - 6 QUEST } - When you're ready, submit your art to the { FIGMENT QUEST } folder! You may submit each step individually, or as one giant image.

Hooray you're done the questing part! Now, you can finally redeem your Figment MYO!

Star! { STEP 9 - MAKING YOUR OFFICIAL STARTER MYO } . This starter MYO is a STANDARD Stygian that comes with 2 FREE COMMON POTIONS. Any additional items you can use from your own site inventory if you own those items.

  • Starter MYO  Step 0: Make sure you completed steps 1 - 8 above before starting on this starter MYO!

  • Starter MYO REDEEM SUBMISSION  Step 2: Next, please grab your URLs and go fill out the form ON SITE {HERE} . If you have not registered to site, please do so in this step HERE
  • You are allowed TWO FREE COMMON TRAITS, and your Starter myo is ALWAYS a STANDARD STYGIAN SUBSPECIES
    • Upload the .png of your Figment in IMAGE UPLOAD . Please make sure the image is TRANSPARENT .PNG with NO BACKGROUND.
    • Make sure to select the [ REDEEM TYPE ] as [ FIGMENT MYO ], and add all potions/items you are using. You are allowed 2 FREE COMMON POTIONS ONLY. You can add any additional potions/items from your own site inventory you own as well.
    • For "Using Redeem Item
    • For "Subspecies", unless you are using an item to modify the subspecies (ie ALT MYO, subspecies rebase items), pick "Standard", as this is the only type available for Starter MYOS.
    • For "Stygian Form", pick "NEW"
    • For "Traits": You are allowed 2 free common traits. 
      • Click on + ADD NON POTION TRAIT to add 2 free common ones of your choice (must have common in the name)
      • You are also allowed to add any additional non potion traits from your own inventory. Click on ADD POTION and select.
    • In the "Additional Comments", make sure to fill out your Figment questline info!
    • Then, finally tick the checkbox I AM READY TO SUBMIT THIS FOR MODERATION and submit it for review!
    •  If everything's great, then congratulations! Your Figment is now an official MYO Stygian! If not the mod will let you know what needs to be adjusted before it can be accepted! Again, here is the link you need for approval.

      Submit your Starter MYO with the button above !

  • Starter MYO  Step 2b Don't forget to register yourself on the Stygian site too, or you may not be able to reap all the benefits of the Stygian ARPG for your starter + any other Stygian you get or see them on the site masterslist!

After that, dreamers are no longer considered FTOs and must purchase MYO tickets from the items shop!

Star! { THIS IS A LOT OF WORK can't I just play with traits instead?! } - Have you taken a look at the available Quests yet? Specifically go take a look at D- 004 -- that may be what you're looking for. c:

Star! { I'M NOT AN FTO, CAN I GET DIFFERENT LOOT? } - Please see quest F- 000 here on the quests page!


[ ] First: did you draw FULL BODIES for each step? If not, please go back and flesh them out! No headshots/bust shots for this quest please!

[ ] Step 1 - Did you draw your figment without any traits?
Veteran quest: You may choose to draw your stygian without ANY traits, or as they appear on their masterlist entry.

[ ] Step 2 - Did you pick 1-2 traits?

[ ] Step 3 - Did you draw that figment (step 1) as a different subspecies?

[ ] Step 4 - Did you pick a human or animal form? Did you make sure the animal is a real, existing animal?

[ ] Step 5 - Did you draw a bit of your your Stygian's nightmare kingdom concept as a background (or 400 words written description?)

[ ] Step 6 - Did you draw/write your Stygian with a buddy?

[ ] Step 7 - Did you submit your quests 1 - 7 to the { FIGMENT QUEST } folder

[ ] Step 8 - Did you submit your STARTER MYO as a STANDARD STYGIAN with TWO FREE COMMON TRAITS for { for FIGMENT MYO APPROVAL? }


Steps 1-7 go { HERE } into the Figment Quest folder.

Make sure to register to site { HERE

Next, please grab your URLs and go fill out the form {HERE} and post it as a reply (if you need form help, see above for samples and how to!). A mod will come by and make sure everything checks out. If everything's great, then congratulations! Your Figment is now an official MYO Stygian! If not the mod will let you know what needs to be adjusted before it can be accepted!

If you're a little confused as to what do to, check out these sample figment quests here!

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it's a very good guide but isn't there another guide that can help those who can't draw? I don't know how to draw