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Stygian Daydreams by Zoomutt
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Daydream in the ARPG:

  • They do not have any alternate forms, but you can draw them in virtually any quest here! They are considered canon to the world, so it is your choice to draw them or not in the prompts.
  • You cannot however, add Daydreams to the masterlist Stygian art to be certed.
  • Daydreams are "collectable pets", meaning more than one of a colour can exist owned by multiple Stygian/people, just in the same way you can own multiples of a breed of dog, but each dog is "uniquely" named, has a different personality, etc.
  • Daydreams are miniature sized. So about exactly the size of a miniature Stygian or a little bit smaller is okay! There are abnormally large Daydreams but those come in a class of their own, known as "legendary" class Daydreams.
  • Daydreams cannot talk, but they are semi-intelligent. They can understand basic commands, and whatever else your Stygian trains them to do.
  • As they exist half in the world half out of it, they have a hard time maintaining their form for too long. When they are tired, they will simply disappear - but not to worry, they will reform back a bit later!

Obtaining/ Equipping a Daydream!

You can obtain a Daydream through things such as the Daydream store (see below!) or unique ones in special events. To view what Daydreams you currently own, and equip them to your Stygians, go here! To see which Daydreams you have you already equipped onto your Stygian, just click on your profile and then click on the Stygian to see their Daydreams!

Daydream Evolution!

Some Daydreams even have the potential to evolve! If you think one of yours can evolve by checking the daydream dex first as to conditions, you are ready to evolve it! In this sample, I'll be evolving a Woodland Spinocta into a Woodland Joxocta. I can clearly see from its daydream dex info here that it only needs 1 skill point to evolve it!

Click on a daydream in your Daydreams inventory. Now, let's assign it to one of your Stygian.

When it has been assigned, that Daydream now belongs to that Stygian! Go back to your site profile, click on your Stygian you assigned the Daydream too, and scroll down until you see that Daydream again! Let's click on it! Now, you can feed it. Just a note, some Daydreams cannot evolve, but in this case you can evolve it!  

When a Daydream has been assigned enough skillpoints (different amounts, with different Daydreams), a giant evolution popup will show up! Just a note again some Daydreams cannot evolve. Now, click on it!

Congrats, you evolved your Daydream! Just a note some Daydreams can even evolve into multiple evolution types at random!

If you evolved a daydream and would like its card, claim it here: stygians.thesporkedken.com/tra… (in comments, list the NAME OF THE DAYDREAM you're claiming it for so we know what to look for!)

Daydream Shop!

Buy daydreams with Shadow Tokens, { here } , but you'll also need to obtain the equivalent card if you'd like to use it in the TCG. However, once you buy that Daydream, it belongs to your Stygian for all ARPG and writing purposes! Have fun!

Obtaining/Using a Daydream IN THE TCG (OPTIONAL) :

  • Daydream cards are obtained upon purchase of the Daydream pet themselves. You can see them here
  • To use a Daydream card in the TCG, its ID MUST BE IDENTICAL TO THE DAYDREAM ID:

    • Once again, only Daydream cards allow you to summon a SECOND ally card on the same turn. That means in a single turn, if the Stygian summoned this turn has a Daydream attached on their profile like how this one owns Bunnytreat Starry (A046), I would then be able to use the Starry Bunnytreat Card (A046) on that turn on TOP of another NON Daydream ally card.

    • So my turn would look like: Stygian summon, item card, ally card (non daydream), ally card (daydream).

    • You can summon only MAX one Daydream ally card a turn
  • This is of course a TCG bonus, you do not need to use a Daydream in the TCG if you wish not to!


If you won a Daydream in an event, and have not obtained it even after a mod mentioned you won it, make sure you pick it up here, and link to where you won it!

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