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{ Welcome to Stygians }

Thu Nov 14, 2019, 12:11 AM by Zoomutt:iconzoomutt:


Stygians is an ARPG + site game! On top of owning the species and participating in the ARPG, we have a fully interactional website that includes features such as Adventure (RPG-like) battling, Dating sim, minigames, trading post, shops and more!


It takes 30 seconds to register, and will give you FULL ACCESS to the site, profiles, other users, and MANY, many site minigames and features! 


What are Stygians, what is the nightmare world, who am I? I can answer exactly two of these questions, which you can find in the handy link below! Just a note: you don't need to read the full species guide, this guide is something just short of an encyclopedia, this is just more for knowledge if you ever want to go back and look at anything interesting about Stygians. 

Dont have a Stygian? Create your own below!


Now that you registered on the site, let's first pick up a starter pack for you! This welcome pack comes with some goodies that you can use in the ARPG, feel free to manage or click on the items to learn more about them! You may also see other gifts open time to time, though the starter park is always a permanent one time per account bonus!

Just click on the button to pick up your free gifts!


There are so many features on the site for you to explore and play! Feel free to click and browse what interests you!
    Questing will let you earn SKILL POINTS and SHADOW TOKENS to upgrade your Stygian's traits, rarities, and even subspecies! You can unlock all sorts of fancy traits through questing! Questing is the ARPG standard of using prompts fulfilled by art, crafts, or writing. 



    Manage all your Stygian, Treats, achievements, items, daydreams, and overall site minigame stats on your site profile! You can also show off your profile to other users as well as the Stygian on that page!


    Tired of questing? Take your Stygian out for a classic RPG-style adventure battle! Equip your Stygian with skills, cards, and daydreams, and level them up as they battle against unusual critters found in the Nightmare Realm. This is a standalone site feature that requires NO art or writing, just pure RPG game mechanics! Earn special rewards, and even things such as Treat CYO tokens and rare Stygian upgrades through adventuring! 


    Minigames offer a variety of small games to play in your spare time! These come from aligning blocks to score points, to navigating a very floppy floresce through some eels! Test your skills and luck through minigames to level them up, and earn special rewards, upgrades and achievements!


    Check out what other users have up for trade, and offer your own items up for trade/sale in the trading post! 


    And many, MANY more activities, including Fishing, Dailies, a Dating sim - the list goes on! Check them all out on the site!

    ♛ DISCORD:

    We also do promotions, giveaways and more on the discord! Join us below! 

More Journal Entries



LR-002: One By OneThey keep appearing. Wandering in from off the road, talking to her, smiling, whispering in her ears. And she canít do anything to stop them, just smile back and continue walking down the yellow brick road, brick by brick, step by step.Sheís not sure she can even look anywhere but straight ahead anymore.The string had broken under her, that she remembers. Then she woke up here, in this bright place, surrounded by grassy hills and blue skies, like the most wonderful place to live. She found herself on the yellow brick road, for that was what it was. A yellow, brick, road. Nothing else.It beckoned her, then, to walk along it, and without thinking much she did so. Easy steps, light and curious, wandering through the hills on the path paved before her. And then.. something. Joined her. It smiled, greeting her excitedly, telling her of how excited it was for her to be here! How it had waited for her for so long. So very, very long. And she smiles back, if only to ease the unease in her own chest, when it stares her down and invites itself along on her walk, pushing in beside her to mirror her every step. She doesnít think too much of it, or at least she tries not to; instead she tries to look around, see her surroundings, anything not to look at her new travel companion. But things feel... off. She sees flowers, large and wild and beautiful, but they have an edge to them, like they are too sharp, too cold, too dangerous. But they are just flowers, right?Another thing joins them, sounds falling from their mouth in patterns she does not recognise, just smiling politely and nodding along until the creature stops talking and falls in beside her, just like the first had done. She hopes she hasnít agreed to something she wouldnít like, but the sounds had hurt her ears and she would have done anything to make them stop. To make that mouth shut so she could continue walking the road, as she is compelled to do.Wait, compelled?She tries to stop, but her legs keep moving below her, one hoof at a time clicking against the brick. She canít stop. She canít even consider it. She does not have a choice, moving ahead like a puppet on strings. The things on either side of her smile and speak, commenting on what they see in the landscape, but she does not respond to them.She is unable to make her own decision.Her smile falters as another thing steps onto the path, blocking her way and finally making her stop. She shivers under its gaze, the way it clasps it hands and smiles down at her. It is silent, but the silence is almost worse than the cacophony of sound that the second thing made; the silence is sharp, encompassing, pressing in on her from all sides, making the corners of its mouth pull up and up and up until she feels dread pool in the pit of her chest, fearing what will happen if that mouth widens even an inch more.And so she smiles, forcing the motion onto her face, bright and wide, and the thing laughs and lets her pass, falling in behind all of them. She can feel it behind her, gaze locked on her as she moves, walking down the yellow brick road. She can feel all of them, closer than she thought they were, their voices melting together as they all enter the city, green and imposing. She cannot escape them, not even here. Not even as doubt creeps into her mind, of something she should know, something she should remember. She needs to keep walking. The Labyrinth Returns Part 2: Yellow? Brick Road by Syleira
Sn00dleD00dle and Syleira

lr_3 by supercomputation

G 327 by stygianlist MYO 382 by stygianlist
Rikka, owned by Rockium-Z and Vermeil, owned by DreamingFoxfire

MYO 592 by stygianlist
Yunshen, owned by Rashirou


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