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{ Welcome to Stygians }

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Stygians is an ARPG + site game! On top of owning the species and participating in the ARPG, we have a fully interactional website that includes features such as Adventure (RPG-like) battling, Dating sim, minigames, trading post, shops and more!


It takes 30 seconds to register, and will give you FULL ACCESS to the site, profiles, other users, and MANY, many site minigames and features! 


What are Stygians, what is the nightmare world, who am I? I can answer exactly two of these questions, which you can find in the handy link below! Just a note: you don't need to read the full species guide, this guide is something just short of an encyclopedia, this is just more for knowledge if you ever want to go back and look at anything interesting about Stygians. 

Dont have a Stygian? Create your own below!


Now that you registered on the site, let's first pick up a starter pack for you! This welcome pack comes with some goodies that you can use in the ARPG, feel free to manage or click on the items to learn more about them! You may also see other gifts open time to time, though the starter park is always a permanent one time per account bonus!

Just click on the button to pick up your free gifts!


There are so many features on the site for you to explore and play! Feel free to click and browse what interests you!
    Questing will let you earn SKILL POINTS and SHADOW TOKENS to upgrade your Stygian's traits, rarities, and even subspecies! You can unlock all sorts of fancy traits through questing! Questing is the ARPG standard of using prompts fulfilled by art, crafts, or writing. 



    Manage all your Stygian, Treats, achievements, items, daydreams, and overall site minigame stats on your site profile! You can also show off your profile to other users as well as the Stygian on that page!


    Tired of questing? Take your Stygian out for a classic RPG-style adventure battle! Equip your Stygian with skills, cards, and daydreams, and level them up as they battle against unusual critters found in the Nightmare Realm. This is a standalone site feature that requires NO art or writing, just pure RPG game mechanics! Earn special rewards, and even things such as Treat CYO tokens and rare Stygian upgrades through adventuring! 


    Minigames offer a variety of small games to play in your spare time! These come from aligning blocks to score points, to navigating a very floppy floresce through some eels! Test your skills and luck through minigames to level them up, and earn special rewards, upgrades and achievements!


    Check out what other users have up for trade, and offer your own items up for trade/sale in the trading post! 


    And many, MANY more activities, including Fishing, Dailies, a Dating sim - the list goes on! Check them all out on the site!

    ♛ DISCORD:

    We also do promotions, giveaways and more on the discord! Join us below! 

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Through the Door by leaforia Quest G-003: Gardening Friends..? by taking-ctrl
leaforia and taking-ctrl

Pupper Witch by Kur0Kam1 [STYG] - Quest - A Wanted Man,The rapid flutter of tan whipping in the wind was enough to capture his attention, the lengthy Stygian having been rather aimlessly floating about as he mulled over what antics he felt would be best to get involved in this rather dull evening. His body shifted effortlessly to smoothly glide to the barren tree in which the paper had been snagged, prickly ends of barren branches piercing the worn poster and not daring to let go despite the the huff and puff of the rolling winds around it. It was a surprise to Mimiro to spot the page out here amid the more...he supposed 'wilderness' side of things, where the crafts of residents shouldn't readily be floating about. Still, ever curious, he pulled the poster from the branches with a subtle tear, shifting it about in his hooves in order to get the printed side facing forward so he could look it over, expecting it to be nothing more than a trashy advert that had escaped a local town on a particularly windy day and tumbled way out here. Mimiro was instead greeted with a wanted poster graced with his very own mug slapped across the middle of it, a sight that prompted a rise of his brows and a creeping smile along his face. “Wanted.” he read aloud with an amused purr, “For murder; dead or alive. And a measly seventy-five thousand reward.” The cracked mirror he about always had floating around him swiveled to his right front side, the reflective side facing toward him as he faced it, lifting the offending paper up to it as though he was showing it to a friend. “Can you believe this?” he asked, giving a near scoffing laugh as he spoke, “They seem to have me pegged for murder.” it shuffled in his hooves again as he tilted his head to look back down at it, “I can't say I recall killing anyone, but my memory has been...” he looked up, waving one hoof around in a thoughtful circle, “...poor, I suppose is the right word.” His cold glowing eyes beamed back at him through the mirror, a silent conversation with himself lasting but a moment before he smiled wide, “No, I don't think verbally destroying someone equates to actual murder; I'd be a serial killer under those circumstances.” He eyed his own reflection once again, shifting his gaze between it and the poster a few times before appearing thoughtful, “No, no, you can't claim a bounty on yourself. I'd say this is a misunderstanding at best, or I'm a murderous sleep-walker at worst.” Mimiro chortled, rolling the poster up and nonchalantly turning around to go back to the pathless meandering he'd been doing before, the large mirror following dutifully after him. “Let's let them have their fun with it. I'd be quite entertained at someone trying to bring me in.” he mused lightly to himself, “Of course, we can't make it easy, can we? I have to live up to the reputation of this funny little poster after all.”
kurokam1 and PettyMask

MYO 519 by stygianlist T 721 by stygianlist
Lark, owned by Meeshdragon and Scipio, owned by lina1313

MYO 547 by stygianlist MYO 057 by stygianlist
Madanach, owned by ivynian and Charadri, owned by Karijinni


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