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:iconboundintheforest: is a group i'm making for Dinner For Two, Jenny Part 3, snake stuff and some other comics that are a little on the dark side!

I can only upload 10 pages a day so this might take a while...!
Rather than post alot of sketchy stuff to my gallery, i am gonna stick it in scraps:… .Just so you know, there's no way to rearrange the pages, so you have to read them backwards.

There's quite a few comics that i've just learned how to clean up, and i'll be posting them there. Star Trap will still be going in the main gallery.

Valkyrie will be the first, along with Chickworld and some other stuff i'm cleaning. Okey dokey.
Looks like hypno snakes from Jungle Book is popular - I did Snake Girl years ago! Do you like this stuff ? Do you want more? Less? Huh? What's the attraction? I have no idea i just work here!
i'm looking for ideas for a cleopatra story! she needs to be young and energetic, getting into trouble with her pharaoh dad, tormenting guards and the like. Plus experimenting with slave boys and girls from other exotic lands like germania, gaul, and the roman empire! not necessarily likable... she'd be the Kim kardashian of her day... minus the cell phone...?
I'm working on the last pages of Dinner for Two, thanks for all the offers of paying off the commission, much appreciated!
Just so you guys know, Danni is no longer on Lustomic: I've decided to post the first 20 pages in colour on here. Yes, i am working on the rest!

Also: yes to dinner for two and jenny, star trap, etc etc

I finally got my studio set up, and my kid is able to do his own homework now!
Ok it turns out that i've been having trouble drawing because i needed glasses. I got them today... and now i can see again. I was pretty much as blind as a bat.

Also, i have a room now to turn into a studio, so , yeah. good news i guess.

So lets try this again!
If you don't know me, and I had to describe me to you... I would say I'm pretty fucked up, with a lot of problems. But then other people talk to me , and I think, well, maybe the things I'm afraid of are imaginary.

I hear you when you say you want Danni finished, so I'm not gonna worry about perfection any more, I'm just gonna get it done.

Thanks to Tiffy, many fans, and a case of heineken.

Danni eta complete (ink anyways) 120 pages before summer Stephan u better be ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My god i love high heels.

Happy New Year etc etc
I'm on facebook now,… ... not exactly sure how to use it but I've started it anyway :)

I was gonna post it earlier and I forgot, Danni (the comic anyway) turned three years old on January 22!

Danni started out as just 6 pages of sketches on lined paper, and I never thought anybody would read it.

The next 20 pages (21 to 40) are in the works for ink and color, and I hope to be done in the next few weeks, and then off to

Thanks to everybody!

After a long illness, my dad died on Oct 1. He had Parkinsons, hip problems and dementia, and finally succumbed to pneumonia.

Unlike Danni in Thanksgiving, my dad and I never resolved our differences, which actually sucks.

I am drawing again, but it's a little tough right now.

Sorry to everyone I've lost contact with over the last few months.

I've been away dealing with personal things etc etc but meantime I hit 200,000 page views! cool!

I want to thank everybody for watching and faving, plus Danni of course, without whom... i'd probly get more sleep cause i wouldn't be drawing at 3 am!

:thumb370238212: :thumb374089479:

:thumb369633683: :thumb369567032: :thumb369559353: Claire is quickly becoming my Industrial Light and Magic for my comic... whups that means I'm George Lucas. Ok, No Jar-Jar, I promise.

:thumb365654261: :thumb365688061: i'm at a loss for words for these two. Claire has been doing this to me all day... i am a total mess now

:iconclairestrasza: slaves over a hot laptop (? what did i just say?) doing some incredible stuff for Danni and the comic so far. I love this 3d stuff now because man it's so bloody real.
Claire's character herself is a sex bomb - duh  i knew THAT.

Then Claire starts doing my people (? say again?) .Danni is wonderful to see being sexy in a bunny suit.

Carm, for once in her life, had sex appeal wearing a red version that you know she's cursing Hugh Hefner for. Not sure if Greg is in the cards... ah who cares about him. or maybe... nah. and then... what is happening between Carm and Claire's Claire lately? i feel like i'm Danni, all i can do is watch...???????????

But then Eva... man watch me freak out all over that pic (?he did what?) it's like a moment of clarity... hair, dress , pose, catlike sexual aggression.... BUT MY GOD THE SHOES. exactly what i wanted but couldn't envision - didn't even know why i wanted them... until now.

Then, of course, the wedding dress bombshell posted above. Suddenly everything becomes so claire. Clear.

It's not just her media. it's her insight into my characters, her..Clairity you might say or howabout: Claire-O-Vision!

I'm giving SG13 and 7 their own group, following the tradition of Danni and Star Trap.

:iconspacegirl13: will be the new home of the two loveable malfunctioning-pleasure-clones-gone renegade-in search of easy cash- danger- and strange erotic fun.... uh, people.

I will still update the 3 comics that are here, but new stuff will go directly to the new group. There's just too much stuff here for anybody to see it all.

Which is better for Danni?

Danni Colors-test by nahp75 or   Danni Colors-test 2 by nahp75   ......?



Poll is here :…

comment to :iconnahp75: not me please
Danni's Big Job will be posted at :icondanni-loves-eva: over the next hour.

I'm posting it there because... it's too big for here. Part 1 today, Part 2 after I get some sleep.

I know, I know, haven't finished chapter 1 yet. Well this big huge thing just popped up in front of me, and well, I just couldn't turn it down. So don't ask why Danni is staying with Carmen, Why Eva is away, or why Carmen is calling Greg for a booty call.

The end of chapter 1 will still be posted here, along with some cool art, but everything else goes to :icondanni-loves-eva: .

Oh, and PS, looks like Danni is gonna get published in colour.

ok thanks bye
How do you make your drawings look so effortless?
Well, I usually put about 60 hours into a finished drawing so that it looks simple.

What is the most valuable tool in your arsenal?
My eraser.

What is the most helpful personality trait of a writer?

What do you find the hardest to do?
Ink. No wait, colour. no wait, both. No wait, finishing commissions is the hardest.

What the fuck were you up to all year long?
My kid fell off a horse and broke his wrist. Then my wife fell off her motorcycle and sprained her knee. Two weeks later she collapsed with a blood clot in her chest. She ended up getting open heart surgery.

That's not what I meant. What happened to your art?
I tried to get looser, I thought my old drawings were too stiff. I did alot of pencil, so I lost the ink. I was away from photoshop so I forgot all that shit too.

What things must an artist avoid?
Sugar. Caffeine is ok because you can stay up late. But sugar makes you hyper and then tired in cycles and you get nothing done.

If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?
Go to art school.

Are you taking commissions?
Not right now... I owe people already.

Why did you move Danni and Star Trap into groups?
They were getting buried on this site. 500 plus deviations, dude.

What picture in your gallery surprises you the most, in terms of its popularity?
The bathing harem one. I nearly didn't post it at all. Go figure.

What advice would you give to other artists?
You are better than you think you are. Nobody notices the little flaws that you're stressing about. Chill.

Well, thanks for your time! I think I'm ready to draw now, with all that valuable insight.
Cool. I gotta go pick up dog poop in the yard.


Want more Danni? Join :icondanni-loves-eva:

Wanna see Jamie Kirk vs a Klingon pickle? join :iconstartrap:


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Star Trap leaves on her Maiden Voyage

Mon Jan 21, 2013, 9:01 PM

This site is dedicated to followers of my Star Trap comic, a TG parody of the original Star Trek series, owned by whoever the heck owns it now. I ask that all non-Star Trap material be directed to the group's faves rather than to the gallery.

Thanks to :iconkimbawest: for colour, inspiration, technical assistance and and for clinging to her niave belief that I'll ever get this thing inked and readable.

I think we might be getting a step closer this year, Kim!

Star Trap episode 1 will remain here, and be updated, but future art and episodes will go directly to the new site.


:iconturtleluz: :iconlevia-the-dragon: :icongyro5: :iconpixel-inquisitor: :icondrvalentine: :iconmichiganj24: :iconsingory: :iconstvkar:

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Danni gets a place of her own

Mon Jan 14, 2013, 3:33 PM

Her new site is dedicated to followers of my Danni comic. Danni, Danni's Dreams, Danni art will be featured here. Artists, inkers, colourists, and writers are encouraged to participate and collaborate as contributors on this site. I ask that non-Danni art be added as a favorite of the group rather than featured.

Danni will still be posted here for a while, but eventually all new stuff will go straight to the new site.

Especially since there's so much left to do...!


:iconturtleluz: :iconlevia-the-dragon: :icongyro5: :iconpixel-inquisitor: :icondrvalentine: :iconmichiganj24: :iconsingory: :iconstvkar:

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Big Downloads

Sat Dec 15, 2012, 5:12 PM
I have to download this stuff in sketch form , because i can't keep track of it in my house anymore. It's too hard to find, the papers get lost etc.

Yesterday I found a bunch of Danni stuff that I thought I lost.

So the plan is to get it up, sorry if this pisses people off.

I will update the comics with the edit button.

So, yes, there is more sketchy stuff, but over time it will all turn into nice shiny comics.

I am sick as a dog right now but the next week should be very productive.

Coming: Star Trap, Danni, Danni Prison part 2, Danni Pony, Finished Dinner pages, finished Snake Girl.

Thanks to :iconmelheflin: for the modelling

and thanks in advance to :iconthecosbinator: for the colour work


:iconturtleluz: :iconlevia-the-dragon: :icongyro5: :iconpixel-inquisitor: :icondrvalentine: :iconmichiganj24: :iconsingory: :iconstvkar:

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  • Watching: Heavy Metal (again)
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