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Valentine's Dei has just been pimped on Vintage Sleaze… . I think it's pretty neat. :)
This weekend (June 17-19) I'll be at Sydney Supanova to promote Valentine's Dei . Volume 1 (collecting chapters 1-3 plus extras) is hot off the press and we'll be selling them at the convention.
For about a year now I've been involved in the Game of Kings project.… GoK brings together a collection of artists based in Australia and the UK to illustrate characters and stories based on the game of chess.

In order to help promote the project, and the launch of phase 2, the group is holding an all mediums competition open to anyone.…

I can't show any of my GoK work yet, as it hasn't been officially released. But there's already a ton of top notch work on the various sites dedicated to the project.