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MMX9 Concept Sketch - Reploid Pinga by SturmvogelPrime MMX9 Concept Sketch - Reploid Pinga by SturmvogelPrime
It's been a while since i took a break from Altitron's :iconaltitron: Megaman X9 designs.

I decided to create a "Civilian" reploid based on the character Pinga from the classic claymation show Pingu.
The "Emperor Penguin chick" clay model used for Pinga was re-used on every baby / child penguin throughout the show, no matter if they were boys or girls (… ). So the MMX9 "Pinga / Emperor Penguin chick" Body Type Reploid is more of an Unisex model.
"Pin-Girl" is the younger sister of Stretch Penguin (Pingu Reploid).

"Name: Pin-Girl
Nickname: One of the many Penguin Workers
Reploid Model: E-Penguin Body Type-C
Weapon: None
Function: Worker
Operative System: PYG-OS 1.986"

Report from Maverick Hunter HQ: The E-Penguin Body Type-C (short for "Type-Control") is a one-fits all temporary body for Penguin Type Reploids regardless if they're programmed as male or female. These bodies test the Reploid's programming until the developers make sure they're all reliable and then they're transfered to a new and more complete body which will be their permanent body type.
Pin-Girl was born as the 864th Penguin Reploid. As her many brothers and sisters, she was built as a worker force for multiple installations. Pin-Girl was assigned to monitor the Weather Control Space Platform (WECON for short), along with her completed brother Stretch Penguin, however Pin-Girl is currently in her 80% of her complete reliability, thus she's under complete observation of Stretch and the Maverick Hunters due to the risks concerning the WECON Space Platform and its controversies about its use as a potential weapon in the wrong human or Maverick hands.

On an unrelated note, she likes to slurp Energy Tanks, this made Pin-Girl to win the name "Energy Guzzler". However, if drinking an old unopened Energy Tank like a soft drink makes her happy, then we're happy too."

Megaman X, Reploid © Capcom
Pingu, Pinga © The Pygos Group
Megaman X9 Crossovers © Altitron :iconaltitron:
Reploid Pin-Girl, Stretch Penguin © Me :iconsturmvogelprime:
Alan-G-Brandon Featured By Owner May 10, 2018  Student Digital Artist
NOOT NOOT Emoticon 
Altitron Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahaha, it's been AWHILE since I took a break, too! I'll get these done, SOMEDAY

This is really awesome, btw! I'll have to use it at some point in one of my pictures. :)
SturmvogelPrime Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2017
You can draw Pin-Girl and the E-Penguin Reploids anytime!
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June 14, 2017
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