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Today, March 14, 2018, The Chamber The Chamber by sturkwurk my latest premium TG comic, is available for sale.

I've been working on The Chamber for the last year and half between other projects and during downtime.

The story is pretty simple: A guy gets thrown into a weird prison and slowly turned into a woman. 
Think of The Chamber as a "cousin" story to my other TG comics WTF?!. Both deal with isolation and a slow transformation.
The Chamber takes place "now", rather than some far future... well, not quite now, but close, just a few moments in the future.

The Chamber has the most adult content (sex) that I've put in a story so far. 

I can't directly link to the site from DeviantArt due to the TOS restrictions, and that's cool. It's their site, not mine.  But honestly, if you know how to use google, you can find my work.

Any questions? I'll answer what I can, but I won't spoil the story.

Price: $13.95
Page count: 900+

Don't forget - if you purchase the comic during the first week of release, it will come out in chapters, not all at once. If you'd rather just read the entire thing in one sitting, just wait a week for the full release.
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TGTrinity Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
"WTF?!" was the first comic I ever bought over there, so I can't wait to see what you've come up with now!
sturkwurk Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
wow, thanks... I'm humbled.
Yansogoku Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018
I think Vito Corleone decided the price for this !!   but  seriously who's gonna refuse such an offer ??
The only story question i have if it doesn't spoil anything is .. is there a villain in this ? like Morgan in Harper Kelly for example
sturkwurk Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
it's about a penny and a half per page.

Is there a clear cut antagonist - no.
The Chamber echoes my previous story "WTF?!"
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