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The Chamber 2.5 chapter 14



Out now at tgcomics - The Chamber 2.5 chapter 14.

below is from the blog entry...

It’s time for our weekly update to our  SturkWurk Backers  program, and we’re proud to post Chapter 14 of The Chamber 2.5, Sturk’s follow-up to The Chamber 2, the comic that told the story of two hackers who went on the run after making the presisdent look bad. David and Mark ended up in chambers on Marco San Michelle voluntarily because they figured getting turned into women was the best possible solution to avoiding capture by the tenacious Agent Tillers and the FBI. David and Mark tried to game the system, and in many ways they succeeded, but in other ways you could say that the system gamed them!

The Chamber 2 pretty focused on David’s side of the story, and Sturk has now flipped this around so that The Chamber 2.5 to show things from Mark’s point of view!

Chapter 14 is all about Marcy getting acclimated to her new role and duties. She needs to demonstrate that she can be compatible with any sexual partner, or in this case… partners, before she’ll be allowed back up to the hotel. So let’s see how Marcy does with Annie and Seth, shall we?

Sturk serves up 39 pages (plus a cover) of super-smutty fun in Chapter 14. Marcy’s going to have to sleep for a week after all that amazing sex! Phew!

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