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Hollow Eve - Pocket Universe


Nick, the poor lamb has decided to dress as the woman they long to be, but aren’t exactly pleased with the results.
What will their friends think? Will they laugh… or even worse?

Perhaps the goddess Nyx can help out!

Hollow Eve is a 30 single image story (plus cover) available now for sturkwurk backers at

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Would actually like to see Nick/Eve in another story

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what would be the focus of the story?

I would say have Eve call upon Nyx to become Nick to play the Mall Santa to help a store manager out since the one who was supposed to do bailed on her. Since s/he knows what it is like to be helpless, they don't mind changing if it means to help someone as they were inspired by Nyx's help. Also, a bit of a pun of Eve = Hollow Eve and Nick = St. Nick (one of Santa Claus' aliases).

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That's a fun idea.

I already have a story for this year's TG Christmas. :)