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Hanover Tales 25 is out


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Read it here!

below is the blog entry about the chapter:

It’s Thursday, time for our weekly update of our SturkWurk Backers program! This week, it’s Issue 25 of Hanover Tales!

The city of Hanover is the place where Billy Mallwood, Ms. Inspyre, Nyx, the Gilded Zephyr, Liberteen, and other characters in many of Sturk’s comics reside. Some comics feature superheroes, others feature deities such as Nyx, and some are more slice of life (like Neighbors). A good place to start is The Resurrection of Ms. Inspyre Trilogy (which is a PWYW comic with a free option), as well as the individual issues of Hanover Tales.

Issue 25 of Hanover Tales is the fifteen in a series called Swappy Seconds, and it comes in at 29 single-panel pages (plus a cover). And it’s much bigger than these fifteen issues, because it’s all part of an immense crossover series involving Panthera Onca and I Guess I’m a Witch. And Sturk has even woven in Dixie Deelite from Wings in the Night.

In other words, Sturk is pulling out all the stops, and this storyline has it all!

Things are humming along in Hanover Tales #25, as Billy, Sally, and the Gilded Zephyr finally get their hands on the arch-villain Crimson Venus… the former superhero who stealthily worked for years to control (and destroy) their lives… but she doesn’t quite seem to be the woman she once was.

We also see Yoshino (from I Guess I’m a Witch) spending time in civilian clothes on the planet Earth for the first time since she came back to life as a female witch. And Ixchel (from Panthera Onca) is there as well. And let’s not forget about Liberteen!

And where in the world is Dr. Liz Andri?

There’s lots more action to come. Hope you are enjoying this exciting and captivating crossover craziness!

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OH NOOO!!!!!! The ending!!!! :wow::wow::wow::wow: