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GenderBender Vendor out now

GenderBender Vendor is a 23-page vignette out now for the sturkwurk backers program.  Here's a blog post about the comic.

It’s a one-shot. And it’s sci-fi, utilizing the kind of machine many of us would love to find. If you would like to see more installments of GenderBender Vendor let me know!

Thank you again for the amazing level of support!
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Female, petite, Redhead, straight haired, straight orientation, ok so how is this going to be?

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I saw something like this in a MAD Magazine years was one of Don Martin's panels.

A guy walks up to a "Change" machine, puts his money in, a few patented DM "sound effects", and one "PAF" later, the guy was changed into a woman.

It was rather silly ;)

sturkwurk's avatar

that sounds like a Don Martin comic. :)

kb7rky's avatar


Indeed...loved the older MADs :D