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and for clarity - by "favorite artist" I don't mean just me... I mean the various artist you may follow and enjoy.

now with my recent example...

I recently posted the 5th chapter of Wings in the Night here at DeviantArt.
I asked for any help promoting the content on social media.

As far as I can tell, not a single person did this.  I didn't get any notifications or alerts.
Update - some people have now helped out - Thank you!

You probably don't realize how much just tweeting out your favorite artwork can help an artist.
You never know who may discover that artist for the first time.  Someone could then do the same.

Tweets, re-posts, etc, help get the word out.

What does it cost you?  Just a few seconds of your time.


oh and what NOT to do - don't download the image and post it again... instead, recycle the original post, so the credit goes back to the creator and people can follow the thread.
I need to post these, because I keep running into the same questions.
The newest are at the bottom.

1: Can I commission you to make some pictures for me?
  Sure - keep in mind that commission means you pay me to make the artwork - it's not free. 

Let me please stress that again - I do not work for free. I make my living as a freelance artist, without being paid, I can't survive.

Pictures are also not $1 each (or anywhere close to that). If you're serious about hiring me, keep in mind that most projects start at $75 per page/panel and that's for projects with at least 10 pages. The price can go much higher, depending on the complexity of the scenes/characters/renders needed. 

2: Come on, don't you ever do any free commissions?
  Actually, yes I do, on very rare occasions. Maybe once every other year, and usually for a friend.

3: You want how much to illustrate my 600 image project ?
This happens more often than you'd imagine. Time is money, you're paying for my time/talent, and you're going to be charged accordingly. I do make deals on large projects, and I frequently give away bonus pages, just ask the people I've done work for.

4: I want to pay you to make a book cover at Print Resolution, what does that cost?
  It's probably a lot more than you're willing to pay. High resolution images can take a very long time to render, even on my computer, be ready to pay for that time. Keep in mind the more complex the image is, the longer it will take to render and the more you're going to pay.

5: I want to commission you to illustrate my story, but I won't pay you until you're all finished with it.
 That's not going to happen. I don't start on any projects until there's some agreed upon down payment for the work, and I do not deliver final images until I've been paid in full.

6: How about you do all of my illustrations for the exposure it will get you on my website, that's worth more than paying you.
  Yeah, that's never going to happen either. I'm pretty sure that when I go to the grocery store and try to purchase a dozen eggs, a carton of milk, and a loaf of bread with "exposure", I'm going to be escorted out the door.

7: My story has a Male to female transformation and an age regression to a toddler, is that cool?
  No. I have a few strict rules for commission work, no children, no bestiality, no gore, no violence without consequence.

8: I need images of a girl doing ____ with a moose.
  Everybody has the right to like whatever they want within legal bounds, or in the dark recesses of their minds, but that doesn't mean that I just because I'm a freelance artist that I will illustrate a picture of anything for you. If a project sounds like something that I don't want to do, I'll let you know and I expect to be treated with the same respect you would for yourself. 

To clarify a little further: I do create a lot of adult content, but that doesn't meant that I'll illustrate anything out there. And no, I won't illustrate a girl having sex with a moose.

9: I need you to make an image using ___ character, wearing a aqua blue turtle neck sweater and black leather pants, standing like this, using this gun, pointing it this way, while in this setting, with these lights, and ____ girl gasping this way, with carrot red hair, wearing this dress, with blue eyes, holding a white swan, while a murder of ten crows spell out the word "shock" in the background, and since I already did all of this art direction work, I shouldn't have to pay you more than half your usual fee.
No thanks - go get your own 3d app and make it yourself.

10: I want you to reference these photos of my girlfriend, or this girl I know from work, for the story.
Sorry, I don't use "real people" as references. I don't mind referring to a celebrity, but I don't want to make it look exactly like anybody.

11: Does anybody actually read these?

12: Where are the missing pages to your story ______?
  Follow me on twitter - from there, you can track down the adult sites I post at, and my tumblr feed. I do my best to not violate the TOS of DeviantArt.

13: When is WFT2 going to come out?
  WTF2?! has been abandoned by me. I did not like where the story was going and I gave up on it. I don't want to put the effort into something that I don't really have any interest in, at the moment.
  You can view all of the unfinished pages at tgcomics for free.

14: What software do you use?
  Poser 11 Pro and Photoshop are my main tools.
  I use Victoria 4 and Michael 4 for almost everything in Poser. (

15: Why did I give you a Llama badge?
  I give out Llamas to anyone that favorites or comments on my work. It's sort of my way of flagging everyone that takes the time to check out my gallery. Llamas are free to give out.

16: What is your next Premium TG Comic, and when is it coming out?
  My next Premium TG Comic is still officially untitled. It's working title is "The Chamber". It come out in March 2018. I don't have any premium books planned for the rest of 2018.

17: Can I ask you any Poser questions, or how you made a specific image?
  Yes, go for it. I always try to help out if I can with any Poser or art questions.

18: Can I give you Poser files in trade for your work?
  This has come up a couple times now. If you're a vendor and own the rights to the files in question, maybe we can trade. - But do not offer me pirated files. 

19: Do not send me story ideas unless we've discussed a commission idea.
  If you post a story idea or send me plots and pitches, I will ignore them. If you want to discuss hiring me to illustrate a story for you then we'll also go over your script/concept at that time.

20: Expenses
  If your script/concept calls for an object, prop, clothing, figure that I do not have on hand, but it's one that we can agree upon to use purchased from a 3d Poser store such as - then at my discretion the cost of the file will be added to your quote. The file will remain in my possession, licenses are not transferable.

21: Why hasn't the next issue of _____ come out yet?
  If you're referring to comics that I don't write - don't ask me, try asking the writer. I usually turn around scripts on my desk within a week or two.  If you're referring to my own comics, that could be because I'm working on commission work, lost interest or just plain forgot about it.

22: I went to the site that had your Mind Control Comics and it just has white pages.
  It's a membership only adult pay site.
Today, March 14, 2018, The Chamber The Chamber by sturkwurk my latest premium TG comic, is available for sale.

I've been working on The Chamber for the last year and half between other projects and during downtime.

The story is pretty simple: A guy gets thrown into a weird prison and slowly turned into a woman. 
Think of The Chamber as a "cousin" story to my other TG comics WTF?!. Both deal with isolation and a slow transformation.
The Chamber takes place "now", rather than some far future... well, not quite now, but close, just a few moments in the future.

The Chamber has the most adult content (sex) that I've put in a story so far. 

I can't directly link to the site from DeviantArt due to the TOS restrictions, and that's cool. It's their site, not mine.  But honestly, if you know how to use google, you can find my work.

Any questions? I'll answer what I can, but I won't spoil the story.

Price: $13.95
Page count: 900+

Don't forget - if you purchase the comic during the first week of release, it will come out in chapters, not all at once. If you'd rather just read the entire thing in one sitting, just wait a week for the full release.


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