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MonoMini Growl Theme

MonoMini is a mini version of the original Growl theme Mono.

Feel free to download and share! (:

Pure CSS3 and HTML.
Mono, by Christopher Lobay - [link]
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Looks awesome, but is there any way to get a mini version of the icon? Like there is on the Nano theme?
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yeah thats what im talking about! Space efficient! Great for my mac programs using growl during debugging...
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YO! I'm into makin' gui too. It's too bad lion doesnt have a haxie or somethin, but I make some gui for other things like growl!
where to get the background wallpaper?
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from a guy whose account has been deactivated.
but I was able to find it in Google: [link]
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so nice style!
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this is a great theme, it doesnt hog screen real estate like other themes. great job!
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wow. i'm flattered! ;)
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I love this, thank you! ^^
very nice! I use it at home and at work! love it! Thanks a lot for making growl a beauty ;)
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This is by far my favorite growl theme. I always thought the stock versions (and most of the user-made versions) were a little too big. This is absolutely perfect.
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wow, thanks a lot! =D
Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.
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