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Ink Shot Tutorial

By stupjam
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build ink gun
i want to see a lot of inkling cosplayers

ink tank: Ink Tank Tutorial
new blueprint DL:…

UPDATED tutorial:
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OMG! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Callie (Smile)(Splatfest) 

That was just what I need for my cosplay!
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Thank you so much!! Especially for sharing the blue prints! Not many do this for free! I love you for this!
This is so amazing! I'm still i9n the progress of planning my cosplay and haven't figured out how to make my ink gun (I nearly gave up on it), but this is perfect!
It's easy to understand and I hope I can make an awesome ink gun!
I'll credit you as soon as I get pictures of my cosplay (as soon as it's finished)
You are AMAZING!
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aw, thanks! Can people charge for tutorials? I just wanted many people to cosplay Splatoon.

I can't wait to see your costume! Good luck
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Hey so I have been trying to decipher your pattern without any luck, I printed out the patterns but don't understand how to piece them together. I can't figure out which piece is which. Do you have like a diagram with all of the pattern pieces that are labeled? I'm trying to cut out the paper patterns to transfer them to cardboard but all of the lines are confusing me.
Thanks in advance
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Yeah, I had to do that so the patterns would fit on the printer paper. I'll update the tutorial next week, also adding optional improvements like paper mache
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My english is bad :c can you make one in spanish? Please, btw, looks awesome
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sorry, I can't speak Spanish! I'll update it with more pictures next week

google:lo siento , no puedo hablar español ! Voy a actualizar el documento con más fotos de la próxima semana
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Can you please fix the dropbox link to the templates? I really want to use this for cosplay but I get an error when I use the link :(
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I think it's fixed now. Check out my updated tutorial, too
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Awesome tutorial! Thank you so much! Is there something wrong with the Dropbox link because I keep getting a 404 error
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Thank You SOOOOOO much for this.
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That's pretty impresive :heart: I will made my own ones of cardboard as well, thank you!
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WOW this is incredible,definitely gonna try to make one,thank you for making this <3
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