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TW: This Might Hurt... ?




for the season 3 contest here:



'oh for god's sake, scott, just jump into the water!'

'noooooooo, i dun want to. this might hurt...'


'derek, derek, hi, derek hi!'

'...sigh whats wrong with this people god'

'(humming song)'


i'm soooooooooorrrrrraaaayyy /runs and never comes back/

pftt, i dont even know why i drew this. i mean, season 3 might hurt, from all the trailers - with bloods and stabs and whatever they're doing to our lovely wolves, but yeah, i guess i'm just not emotionally ready? ahaha. scott better not died, also stiles (or whoever) pls save derek, and isaac bb i wont like tub fulled with ice too.

because the first trailer i saw was scott drown in the lake, so here, have scott+pack+pool. and no, he doesnt wanna go to the water.

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Isaac: Scott, COME ON! You've been crouching there for the past five minutes, we haven't got all day to wait for your sorry ass! 
Scott: Leave me alone, asshole! I'm gonna jump! a minute!
Allison: omfg..

Derek: Either you're jumping, or I'm shoving you off of here myself Scott!
Stiles: Yeah, seriously dude, this is getting a bit ridiculous...

Scott: :iconcraiplz: You guys don't understaaaannnd!!