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The Great Battle.....

By stupidyou3
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This is idea has been running in my head for a while....

Got inspired by a work by :iconmickeymonster:

Edit: Alright...this is weird...this art has been featured by a drawfriend in EqD............Twice.
One from months before and one now.......

MLP:FiM is by :iconfyre-flye: And Hasbro(c)

Care Bears by American Greetings(c)
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I go Both <3
Amazing image
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My little pony is a lot like Care Bears
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In my opinion, both teams would fail to conquer each other. Because Caring and Friendship are the same thing. Although I loved both of these since I was a child. So nobody wins.
C1nderellaman The Great Battle of our time
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Childhood vs. childhood I can't take sides as a kid I loved the care bears and older mlp, but I love mlp:fim. gah! I can't pick a side! Waaaah!Rage:( (Sad):| (Blank Stare) 
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One other thin I'd say is, I wish there could be pictures showing them working together rather than fighting, just my opinion though.
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I say, GO CARE BEARS!!! (I'm really not that much into MLP anymore sadly).
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I know, right? Me too! XD
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I think I'd try to draw a picture of them as friends though.
Most Epic Battle Ever imaginable Begins.
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Yeah.... Who was first with "Rainbow Power"?
And yes, I'm thinking of G1 here.
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And then Broly came along and obliterated them all. The End.
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ah the Great Hasbro-Amgreet War,many bronies cried that day lol funny pic :-)
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Care Bears or Ponies.......
That's hard decision to make on who would win. I'm gonna go with Care Bears though :P
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canterlot vs care-a-lot
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You know what well make this so funny and epic at the same time, looking at this picture while listening to this music… Nem Guitar red 
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Video was deleted and now its re-uploaded here… Nem Guitar red 
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:iconcoachplz::iconsaysplz:AHH IT'S GONNA GO BAGHDAD AND SHIT!
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I think I know how this started

:iconmlpspikeplz::iconsaysplz:So Twilight, what do you want for dinner?
:icontwilightsparkleplz::iconsaysplz:I'd like a grass sandwich with hayfries. I don't even care what the toppings are. Wait a second, I didn't mean it like that
:iconcarebearplz::iconsaysplz:Hi, we're the Care Bears. We're here to make you care.
:icontwilightangryplz::iconsaysplz:Get out of my tree. Also, could you tell me why you have a swastika on you chest?
:iconcarebearplz::iconsaysplz:Because it's the only Care Bears icon that Andy knows how to make.
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All Twilight needs is a gun to chase them off... that or a blunt object...
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