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Kim Shego Major (Embarrassing) Fight

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Time to bring out the big guns and upload one of my most time consuming pics!
Kim and Shego got into a bit of a tussle... accidental stripping, wedgies, more wedgies AND spankings!? Not a good time for either of them. Plus those Shego hands have got to hurt!

This one is really interesting because it's over the course of a long period of time and I kept going back to it so you can see my style changed a lot. The first 2 are closer together then one day I decided I wanted to do 1 last 3rd one with my newer more improved skills. Still has lots of errors and things I would change but as it is, its kinda funny and fun (at least to me) to see my improvements, though there are some things I think I did better before, and I don't quite remember how I did them. Tried out sooooo many different things in this picture. The outline coloring in the 3rd really killed me and a lot of my pictures are colorless because of this one >.< 

I need to upload some of my colorless pics cause that's the majority of my doodles. I did however want to start fast and loud with my better doodles.
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Shego gets her revenge! ;)

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Very nice work ^^

once again , you've shown artwork genius =D
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haha thanks! Sorry for the delays in responses, I doodled a lot before but none are cropped etc for being uploaded so its a bit of a process to figure out which is worthy to be uploaded and then crop it to the right size and export it to the right format... Also I find their website a little confusing so I might miss a comment or message etc. Forgive me if I do!

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It's ok.

I understand

Anyway, maybe you could Kim's cousin Joss and Monique in a sorta situation like this

Monique and kiss could dress up as cow girls and wrestle with each other just like in this scene
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I'm sensing a theme here... cowgirl's eh? haha.

Monique and kiss?

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I meant joss and Monique

Sorry about that, auto correct problem
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