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Let Me Go
The day was a dark and dismal one as the soldiers stood behind their leader, weapons raised in the pouring rain.
"Hey Britain!" he yelled pointing it at the lone soldier on the other side. "All I want is my freedom. I'm no longer a child or your little brother. So for now on, consider me independent!"
Without warning, Britain charged straight at America with his gun whipping it out of his hands.
"I won't allow it! You idiot! Why can't you follow anything through to the end?" England snarled.
He had his gun pointing it directly into America's face. They stood unmoving for what seemed to be an eternity. The glare on his face receded to that of a pitiful torn expression. "There's no way I can shoot. I can't," he said dropping on the ground covering his face while sobbing. "Why? Dammit, why? It's not fair…"
"You know why."
America awoke from his slumber perturbed. He groaned wiping his face with his hand. The same dream again. He turned over on his right side in bed annoyed. He was
:iconstupidgenious:StupidGenious 17 16
Hetalia CYOA (America)
You survey the room once more before you make your choice. Everyone is watching you curiously. You open your mouth slightly and take a short breath knowing this is a big decision…
"I think," you say slowly. "I'd like to go with America."
Without a moment of hesitation, the American pulled you into another back breaking hug. "WOO! Alright dude! You made the right choice! We're gonna party!"
The other nations were pretty disappointed you didn't choose to go with them, especially Britain who was now scowling and folding his arms and France who was pouting, disappointed he couldn't give you a makeover.
"C-cool…but….you're crushing me….." you manage to gasp out.
"Sorry man, I guess I don't know my own strength!" he says releasing you from his grasp patting you on the head.  He turns to look at the others and taunt them. "Ha! In your face! Heroes always save the day!"
You can't help but laugh at the statement. America was quite exuberant and passionate about wha
:iconstupidgenious:StupidGenious 18 10
Hetalia CYOA 2!
"Err…I'm a new fledging country…I was alone and scared, but I managed to find my way here…c-can you please help me?" you said grabbing your right arm nervously biting your lip.
They all stared at you intently. You felt like they were burning holes into your head. Oh no, you think. They aren't buying it…
"A new country?" England asks surprised.
The others are whispering obviously talking about you.
"What is your name ve?" asks Italy eyes closed as usual.
You look down at your feet, one a bare foot and the other in a converse sneaker. quickly trying to make up some name for a country.
Ah! That's it! The perfect name…
"Uh, my name is…C-Conversia…or (your full name)" you say meekly. You know you need a back story so you start spouting nonsense hoping it would weave a beautiful tale of the founding of a nation.
"I- I woke up in a field all alone as a kid. So I just wandered around by myself avoiding wild…snakes and jaguars! I think I saw some other na
:iconstupidgenious:StupidGenious 17 60
Heartbeat USUK (Somebody I Used To Know)
((AN: This is a collection of songfics describing the turbulent relationship between America and England! Hope you like it.))
England didn't know why he was there. The bright, flashing lights, the vibration of the loud music, the constant chatter of the other countries…it was enough to make Arthur scream. It was America's stupid party and he wouldn't hear the end of it if he didn't attend. He found himself sitting alone on the couch drink in hand, watching everyone else enjoying themselves. America didn't even pay him any mind, the bloody git. He pressed the cold glass of beer to his lips and took a long sip, setting it down on the table in front of him.
"Is everything all right, England?"
England, startled that someone actually spoke to him jumped. "Y-yes, I'm fine. Thank you for asking, Japan." He smiled weakly his green eyes locking with Kiku's.
"You just seemed lonely by yourself," he said quietly surveying the crowd. "Is something bothering you?"
Arthur squirmed under the scr
:iconstupidgenious:StupidGenious 25 23
Hetalia CYOA !
It was an average, boring day. You were tired of doing homework for the time being and decided to call it a night. You'd just do your assignments on the bus in the morning and the rest during lunch. Tossing your chemistry and algebra books on the floor, you lazily roll over on your bed looking up at the ceiling. 'Gee,' you thought. 'I wish something interesting would happen to me.' You were a regular student, no craziness nor drama in your life. Not that you were a fan, but it wouldn't kill you to have some excitement now and again.
Instead of blankly starring at the ceiling above you, you get the brilliant idea of watching something to pass the time. You hit the button on the remote to your DVD player, turning on the brightly colored title screen to Axis Powers Hetalia, one of your favorite shows. It never failed to make you laugh even on the worst of days. If only your life could be as exciting as this! You spend a few hours watching the shenanigans of the personified countries giggl
:iconstupidgenious:StupidGenious 28 38
Happy Birthday! by StupidGenious Happy Birthday! :iconstupidgenious:StupidGenious 8 13 Dream by StupidGenious Dream :iconstupidgenious:StupidGenious 4 2

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United States
Phoenix Wright addict. I can't stop. There must be a rehab for it somewhere...

Current Residence: In your head
Favourite genre of music: A mix . I like Alternative a lot XD
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To anyone out there, how ya'll doing? I realized that the last time I even remotely updated my main account journal, it was two years ago. That's crazy. Long story short, I guess school has got the best of me. My last year of high school was the best by far (though it was a lot of work) and sad considering my school shut down. So, there was that. And then I started college and that was just a mind warping experience that I completely forgot about the real world. I don't know, I couldn't really draw, just didn't have the time. So all and all my life has been quite the adventure.

BUT. Now, that I'm home on break, I wanna get back into my shit. Since the drop of AA5 I've been on an Ace Attorney high. So I'll be back with some stuff. Possibly some more original stuff if I get the motivation. Though, I haven't drawn anything I have begun to write some AA fan fics... At any rate, I miss being around so I'm trying my best to be more active here. To the people I talked to, hope you guys are doing well. And to the people who started following me thanks a bunch. I'm still surprised that people like my stuff. But yeah, tis the great revival. THE PHOENIX.



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