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CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF DOODLES Community Challenge Hello fellow Deviants! I’m super excited to announce our next community challenge!

Do you remember when you were younger, playing a game with friends or family where you would lie down and look up at the clouds and imagine shapes coming to life? I still play that game sometimes with my kids. Well, we are going to take that game and push it even further! This month I want you to be on the lookout for neat or inspiring cloud formations. My family and I just drove cross country for our move, and I cannot tell you how many amazing clouds we saw on the way! Once you have a photo to work from you are going to take that and…. well… do whatever you want with it! The sky is the limit!

Are you going to take that cloud and turn it into a dragon, a fortress in the sky, or a fancy dress for one of your OCs? That’s up to you! Part of the challenge is to see where your creativity takes you! WHEN IS IT DUE?

  • Entries are due June 26, 11:59PM PDT.

  • Winners will be announced June 28.


  • You will take your own cloud photo reference (or one you find online if you can't take your own) and turn it into whatever you want! (Nothing NSFW please!)

  • The final image does not necessarily have to be a “sky scene” at all. I want this to be as open ended as possible to allow for maximum creativity! However, I would encourage you to make sure that it is evident that the final was inspired by the reference.


  • Post your art here on DeviantArt using the tag #cloudywithachanceofdoodles to make sure that all entries are accounted for and so you can become eligible for the rewards.

  • Format and aspect ratio are up to you, but I would encourage a minimum of 2,000 pixels at 300 dpi. Smaller files will not be disqualified but we want to be able to see your images big!

  • Also make sure to include below your post the reference that inspired it so we can see!


  • 1st place: Featured post on social media by both myself and DeviantArt + 1 month Core Pro + 400 fragments!

  • Top 5: 1 month Core + 400 fragments!

  • Top 10: 400 fragments!

  • All participants: 50 fragments!

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions or concerns! I cannot wait to see what you all create!

© 2021 stumpyfongo
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this is Rob, in GodMod. So, hope you like!

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Thank you very much for providing the opportunity of the challenge:)

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Hi everyone!!!

Here is my entry for the #cloudywithachanceofdoodles challenge!! :)

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I may have totally rushed this because somehow it's already end of June?? Thanks for the challenge, was super fun to do a little doodle that I normally wouldn't have!

I took this photo in New Zealand couple of years ago, happy to have a use for it :D


6June CloudyDragon
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This is really weird but for some reason your image didn't come up in the hashtag search with the rest of them. It kinda makes me upset because I really like this one! I wonder why that happend :(

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The Cloud's Advice

I guess you could say that God was lending me a hand... I wonder what I was supposed to be looking at.

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Wow this is cool! I can totally see that hand shape up in the clouds!

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here is my entry. I was looking for cloud inspiration for a space scene and found this above me. You decide what you see.

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Yes! It's so much fun to see different shapes and how people imagine them. I can totally see the dog shape as well!

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Whoaaa this is super rad! I love that angle of the wings/tail! What a cool concept!

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Thank you so much ^^

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Bunny in the Clouds (Contest Entry)

Here's my entry! (It's a little weird looking, but it looks more like a bunny without the outline.)

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I can totally see it!

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Is it alright to use stock cloud images I've seen an image i like very much and I'm not the best with the camera on my phone so would it be alright to use a stock cloud image? Thanks

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Yea of course, you can use whatever cloud images you can find! Sorry for the late reply.

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Thanks for your help not sure I will have time but will try my best :la:

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Whoa that is the coolest cloud shape ever haha! I don't see how you could see anything else because it's exactly like a gator. Nice work!

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Exactly! So surreal! And thx.

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Haha I can totally see it!

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