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Venphina and Viddax

Recent commission I finished of Venphina the Eladrin Paladin and her Blink Dog. Eladrin are a race that can choose a season that changes their skin/hair this one being springtime. She is a Paladin/Rogue with an optimistic and stalwart personality and she follows Diandrecht the god of Healing. I was instructed to give her either a crossbow or a flaming sword and I thought, why not both?! Venphina also has a blink dog named Viddax that can teleport around and I thought it would be ⁠a fun idea to have the dog retrieve the crossbow bolts. In this scene they are in the jungles of Chult nearing the end of a 2 year campaign. I had a blast trying to showcase a rainforest/jungle environment in the springtime. I'm a sucker for bright colors so it was so much fun!⁠⠀
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This is gorgeous!

If I may suggest you can share this on reddit on the subs r/imaginaryelves r/characterdrawing r/highelveshalls r/woodelvesforest and r/elveninspiration if you want, they would love this!

Also what do you think of my gallery? I'd like some feedback

And by the way I don't know if you like to role play but you can join this server if you want, we'd love to have you there

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I'll look into that. Thanks so much!