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Super excited to finally reveal our #stumpylostwoods community mural!!!!

We had so many more entries than I ever imagined and we actually had to extend out the canvas size to accommodate them all! Everyone did such an amazing job and I couldn't be more proud of what we accomplished together! A huge shout-out to the DeviantArt team for making this event possible! It was an absolute honor for me to be able to host and participate in this event with you all! Thank you so much for all of your hard work! Definitely go and check out the above hashtag to see everyone's amazing characters! I'm looking forward to our next community event so stay tuned.

We handed out our rewards today on stream. I will send out individual messages for all those that won. For anyone else interested you can pick up prints and t-shirts at the following links:…

@nik-ivanov @Zotco @Arianna623 @LindsayFairy @HatiZeyien @bigligands @YaGirlRazor @LinneaEliasen @Justaconfusedartist @wonderingwellow @Ploopie @yamaingn1 @LilacJayStudios @MaeeveArt @ggMattB @rdonarico @burgar @NemoJmeno @Miryuu-Miu @RiverAlyss @KattyBean @TransendantVoid @wolfwoofa @Clockfacepart23 @Prinxen @Xerft @wutak @Blue5324 @Buwaya11 @SupaSnugz @steffimadestuff @Izaak94 @BlueSchatten @purely-random-energy @SkylariaEnjeru @GunterArt @InfiniteGalaxiesArt @camoleite @StoneDogArt @chickensensation @embermaae brendacavart
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*So I have NO idea why DeviantArt didn't notify me but this came out so cool!! Even with so many different art styles and characters you eased them all together so well that it almost looks like it was originally drawn this way.

*(+ Of course I love the lighting effects you did!!)

*I'd love to buy but it'll probably have to wait a while until my wallet is less dead LSKDJF

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I'm not sure why you didn't get notified either but it was so much fun getting to work with you on this! The community did such a great job! This will be available as a print for a while so no rush!

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Oh my god it turned out soo pretty!

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Aw I'm glad you like it!

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Your welcome! :)

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Ahh thanks moonbeam!!

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Ahhh! Yesssssss! This is so cool! I love how it came out!

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Thanks! All things considered I'm pretty happy with how it came out! I did NOT expect so many characters haha.

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yesssssss the glory is finally revealed!!
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Devan front and center, as it should be!

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The results is awesome ! Thank you very much for the event, I'm already looking forward to the next challenge !

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Thanks! Me to. Still trying to figure out what we are going to do so I can get it approved but yea I am super stoked for what's next.

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Perfect, thanks for posting this here.

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Hey no worries!

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Awww it's beautiful!!! :clap:

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Aww, that's really cool!

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Thanks so much!

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You certainly know how to make some magic happen. i am so humbled to have been apart of this. Thank you. I look forward to more community events.

stumpyfongo's avatar

I am the one who is humbled! Especially knowing the story behind your characters. I'm glad you were able to join in!

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This turned out so cool!

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