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Smort Orc


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Forgot to post this a while back. This was a colored sketch done as patreon reward for Spooks of their WoW Character!
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Such a great color choice!! Love the expression :D

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Yea it was interesting when I got the screenshots of the character that he was green with red stripes. I dunno any time I see green paired with red I think holiday colors lol. So I tried to warm things up to try to push it away from that palette.

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Wait, can I actually have an Orc with glasses in WoW and I never knew about this?? :shakefist:

Amazing piece btw

Zug Zug :)

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I'm not sure haha, they just requested it with glasses lol

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I don't think there is, but I hope they see this and add them at some point. lol

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He’s a smart boi~

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Looking good. :) Very damper Orc.

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Oh he definitely went to orc college.

I really love this piece. The glasses are SO contrasting to what orc characteristics are so often portrayed as. I almost feel like the design is a bit of an oxymoron and that makes it great. Very unique!

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Impressive fellow, with those glasses and tusk rings. Must be some tactician for his tribe.

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Would he enjoy a sit in the library and discuss, over tea, the physiology of dismemberment of various species?

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I imagine he would. Pinky out of course.

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*knowledge intensifies*

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