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Seerin Embermourne

This is Seerin Embermourne, the hot headed mage turned warlock. She's the apprentice of Kelnathus, one of the Dawnrider brothers I had the pleasure of painting a while ago. While she has some anger issues, she holds other magic users in the highest regard. One of her biggest weaknesses is curiosity for the arcane and fel magic, which often gets her into troublesome situations. If she feels like you have something to teach her, she will give you the time of day, if not you better keep moving.... ⁠⠀
This was a commission and it's one of my new favorites of all the WOW images I've done. I had a lot of fun trying to push interesting light shapes and giving the viewer's eyes places to discover as they look around.
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I just drew a young muscular she elf warrior but she is be limbless, bold and blind because her ennemies just cuf off all her limbs (and eyes)