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Just finished up this Blood Elf commission today! I've been really trying to push interesting lighting and putting her in a forest environment gave me the opportunity to do some dappled lighting which was tons of fun! I thought it would be fun to have her in the Eversong Woods which has a lot of warm colors even though it is primarily forest. I was given a lot more liberty with this one as far as the armor design goes and it was interesting doing research and trying to come up with something believable. Hope you are having an awesome day!⁠⠀
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I'm definitely in love with the lighting on this one. The soft dappled light was such a great way to bring focus to her face - and now I'm captured by her eyes!

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Sorry for just now responding to this. I actually really struggled with making the dappled light look natural and not like she had spots of different pigmentation on her skin haha. But thank you!

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That has ALWAYS been my struggle too, that's why I had to toss you some kudos. You did a fantastic job with it!

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This portrait is stunning ! She's absolutely gorgeous, I really like her features, her eyes, her glossy lips... Her outfit is amazing too ! Love the lighting too ! Okay, I love everything !

(How do you charge for this kind of commission, please ?)

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Thanks so much! I've dropped the my price sheet below.

Stumpyfongo Price Sheet
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This is gorgeous!

If I may suggest you can share this on reddit on the subs r/characterdrawing r/woodelvesforest r/highelveshalls and r/elveninspiration if you want, they would love this!

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Thank you! Awesome, I'll have to look into that.

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you can also share it on r/wow and r/imaginaryazeroth

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"Welcome to Everson, human. I am Valia Songbird."

Very cool piece and nice work.

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Thank you so much! :)

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