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Just finished up the commission for Katoo of their OC Pryde.

"Pryde is a man-made soldier who has the ability to transform himself into a werewolf. He is one of the leaders of a special unit that has been trained to carry out infiltration or combat missions in forest areas."

This image was a TON of fun to paint!! I loved trying to come up with a pose/angle/expression that really communicated the pain of the transformation process and a bit of the loss of humanity. I've always been a bit into fitness and bodybuilding and getting to paint muscles is just so satisfying for some reason haha. I don't know why!

I stream most of my art live on twitch, you should come hang out some time. Make sure to follow to be notified for when I go live!

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That rim light and the clarity of details: absolutely gorgeous! Every pixel of this is tasty!

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He looks incredible! I'm lost in that fur detail, and the warmth of the lighting!! You worked so hard on this piece and it turned out AMAZING!

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for a second I thought this was the beast titan from Attack on titan

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I could see that, very similar vibe!

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What the heck stumpy you're so inspiring 🤩THAT FUR AND SUNLIGHT! Love the perspective of the background so much

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Aww thanks Kloir!! I'm so honored you like the background hahahahaha... i'm dead serious because that means the absolute world coming from you.

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WOW! This turned out so great! :la: I really love the fur details.

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Thanks so much Kovo!!!

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