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This was a painting done for MeowMeow, a member of our discord community who won our most recent monthly raffle. Meow wanted an image of their Fursona OC May. I've never painted a Fursona before but it was actually a lot of fun. I enjoy painting fur and hair so it was a fun challenge! Took a lot of inspiration from CaraidArt who is the master at this sort of stuff. If somehow you aren't watching them do yourselves a favor, fantastic artist and one I look to for inspiration for anything with fur haha!

I stream all my art on twitch, you should come hang out sometime:

Also if you would like to be a member of our discord community and participate in the challenges for a chance to win art like this you can join us here:
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Love how you painted the hair and the tree in the background. The composition really carries the eye around the canvas <3

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Stumpy you did SUCH an amazing job, are you sure you don't have a secret side furry account? [Cat Emote] Smirk

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I uh, you know I'm not sure. If I were a furry I would be a gorilla. If that's allowed then I accept my destiny.

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Beautiful style look forward to see more!

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BlachHoleBath's avatar

That's a watch right there! Holy Cow this is great!

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Wow thanks so much I appreciate that!

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Wow, I should commission you to draw my Fox girl if you're interested sometime! 😃

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I'd be down! Hit me up in a DM if you'd like!

Zardoseus's avatar

Great, I just DM'd you 😊

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Thank you so much!

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Wow, she's so lovely. My inner furry is smiling.

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PhilattheGame's avatar

Very nice. Her outfit is very well design.

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I actually didn't really design it, it was based on a character sheet. But i'm glad you like it!

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i can't believe you've never drawn furry stuff before, WOW. this is truly gorgeous?? the detail is astonishing!

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Haha first time for everything I guess!

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THIS LOOKS SO GOOD! I'm MeowMeow btw

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Thanks Meow or should i say Cool Man J?

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