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Finished up the WoW commission of Kyrrande the Night Elf I started on stream. This one was a fun challenge because the client couldn't decide between two transmogs for their character so I combined them both into one! This armor is a sort of combo between the Ancient Dreamwoven set and the Moonpriest's set. The image was primarily blues and teals and the twitch chat helped to choose the warm pinks as a secondary color which really helped to pull this together!
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KinkyBeastsAnonymous's avatar

The blend of the armor is amazing i love it so much!!!!

VallkyrArt's avatar

This piece is absolutely stunning! :) I love the blizzard-like shape language and the color harmony is just so pleasing with the warm pinks :)

stumpyfongo's avatar

Sorry for the late reply! Been dealing with moving. Thank you so much! I've been really inspired by all of Blizzards art style and character designs!

VallkyrArt's avatar

Yepp, its awesome. Blizz really knows thier craft, when it comes to making badass stylization and you are totally nailing it :)) . I grew up playing their games all the time, so it has had a huge impact on my art style too...and just generally pushed me towards wanting to pursue a professional art carreer.

TastyPeachStudios's avatar

Seriously in love with this one o A o! The colors just POP!

stumpyfongo's avatar

Coming from you that's saying something because you are the master of bright colors! Thank you!

TastyPeachStudios's avatar

Ahhh! No U! Seriously thank you that's took kind of you *hugs* I love color as a whole so seeing your work use such fun colors makes me smile :)!

bigligands's avatar
Woooo!! Great job stumpy 😊
stumpyfongo's avatar

Yooo coming from the master himself!! This means a lot Big! Thanks!

Gianara's avatar

Oh man I adore how good this looks, great job!

stumpyfongo's avatar
simoneferriero's avatar

Beautiful artwork! Love the glowy eyes <3

stumpyfongo's avatar

Thanks! Means a ton coming from you. I appreciate it!

Yea glowing eyes are always hard to wrap my head around in terms of how light works haha because they are emitting light as opposed to receiving it. Sometimes I think too much about these things lol

ChrissaBug's avatar

dayuuuuuum! This one turned out soooooo good! Your grasp on forms is just incredible!

stumpyfongo's avatar

Ahhhh thank you!!!! I use as much reference as I possibly can within reason hahaha! I appreciate you taking the time to comment!

TsaoShin's avatar

My god this is so good!

stumpyfongo's avatar

Thank you!! I was able to absorb a bit of your mad skills from having you in the stream the other day haha. Also I think the bee videos helped. I need more bee videos.

sylessae's avatar

This portrait is amazing, Stumpy!! The detailing on the armor is so well done!

stumpyfongo's avatar

Thank you!! I had a lot of fun on this one :)

rdonarico's avatar

The color combination on this fine lady is nearly enough to bump your Sylvanus off of my top spot! <3

stumpyfongo's avatar

Oh snap! That's a tall order! Thank you so much!

PsclKmn's avatar

Man, its quite admirable how quick you make these, especially considering how good it all looks! That's goals right there.

stumpyfongo's avatar

I'm trying to hustle because we sold our house and are moving at the end of the month hahaha. But thank you!

MartinGrasso's avatar

Nice style bro! Amazing render

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