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Kaskade Splash Art

Painted this splash art scene for the streamer Katiac of her stream's OC/Mascot Kaskade. Katiac commissioned me in the past to design this character for her stream and wanted to have a full splash screen scene to use for various branding elements on her streams and socials. I'll be attempting to chop this up and animate it for starting soon and BRB type scenes.

This painting was complicated because I wasn't really sure where I wanted to go with it in the beginning. It started out as a daytime scene and slowly evolved into a nighttime one haha. Having a perspective grid in the really saved this from getting out of hand.

Hope you guys enjoy!
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The streamer must have been enthusiast about this splash art! Looks gorgeous :O

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Hard to say but I had fun with it haha! Thanks

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Thanks Chrissa! This one was a beast and I got lost in it for a while.

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The background is SO GOOD Stumpy. You're amazing.

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Aw thanks. This was one of those that consumed a part of my soul. But I survived? lol thanks though

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I LOVE how electric your colors are in this piece! Cityscape scenes are always so challenging with perspective but you nailed it in a way that works so well! Can't wait to see you you animate bits of this!

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I struggle with non-organic background so much. Means the world to hear that from you!

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