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Kali the Necromancer Wizard

Finally had the time to finish up this DnD commission of Kali the Necromancer Wizard. In addition to her dark magic, she uses a shovel as a weapon because... well she has to get the bodies from somewhere right haha?! The heterochromia comes from when she stole a spell book from another wizard and was cursed and driven insane. This one took me a while to finish because we were in the process of packing and moving cross country. So much fun to work on!

Kali wip2 by stumpyfongo 

I stream all of my art live, you should come hang out sometime!


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I love the necromancy vibe to it!

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Wow this one is one of my favorites! I love the composition and sense of movement that the picture gives. Colors are also on point. Person that commissioned this must be so happy!

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Your compositions are always so delicious in color! The blur is also making some fantastic movement and focus! My eye enjoys traveling along all those smokey magic trails.

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It's always the cute ones who are into death and dark magic...

Love the heterochromia in her eyes! Great work on the skulls. :)

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