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Finished up the Splash Art I did for our monthly #ilatidtiys community challenge! Huge thank you to DeviantArt for sponsoring the opportunity to run challenges like these!

I had a ton of fun with this one! I wanted to give her an opponent to fight but try keep the focus on our main character. Ilati's home is in the trees/forest and I wanted this image to have a "Not in my house!" sort of vibe. Ilati is driven by vengeance and fiercely loyal to her tribe and will stop at nothing to defend them. Travelers through the forest beware!

I've really been trying to push the drama/perspective/foreshortening in my work lately and this was an excellent excuse to really try to lean into that as much as I could. I've been trying to soak up inspiration from a lot of the League of Legends splash art which are always insanely dramatic and dynamic. One of the things I've noticed in studying a lot of them is it's more about creating an awesome composition and less about highlighting or featuring a character's clothing or design. I tend to always pick poses that are more safe and neutral because I don't want to cover up too much of their cool armor/clothes. It's a tricky balance fore sure! I think a big part of it is asking yourself what the purpose of the image is. If the image is to showcase a character's design for concept purposes, something more neutral is appropriate. But if the purpose is to create a cool and dramatic composition, you can go all out!

We still have 3 days for those that would like to enter the challenge! Details here:

I do most of my art live on twitch. You should come hang out sometime!

Check the rest of my socials here:
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The action pose is so well done also the second character off shot balances the composition perfectly!

stumpyfongo's avatar

Thanks Simz!! Really trying to push that action in my work lately. Glad you dig!

JAIGOTH's avatar

Congratulations to the winner, and I had much Stumpyfongo. And good luck 👍🍀 on your project keep in touch.

yellowpikmin88's avatar

Catra: Where? Mum?

Ha! No, but this awesome!

TheOneWithBear's avatar

So much dynamic in this!!

sylessae's avatar

I. absolutely. love. her.

This piece has so much energy, so much life. It's the perfect splash art. I'm sad I didn't have time to participate in this challenge but I may end up just drawing her in the future because... I need this. lmao

She's incredible!

cnotbusch's avatar

wow man this is some next level work. I could totally see this animated a little like they do with League of Legends splash art using some motion design. Nice work!

stumpyfongo's avatar

You know what would be even cooler than an animation... if someone sculpted this character out of clay. It's too bad I don't know anyone with that set of skills.... oh wait............ ;););)

Haha I kid, but for reals, means a ton coming from you!

ccayco's avatar

Damn! That's good stuff. Love the energy trail coming from all the teal parts, especially the eyes.

stumpyfongo's avatar

Yo thanks dude! Means a ton coming from the master.

wolfwoofa's avatar

Wow she looks so cool like this :la: I've almost completed my submission for your dtiys and I've really enjoyed drawing her. The effects you've used on embellishments like on her headwear and claw arm look so good. I wanna learn how to do those light effects :squee:

stumpyfongo's avatar

Hey thank you! Glowy stuff is so much fun to paint!

KovoWolf's avatar

She looks AMAAZINGGG! Wow, Stumpy! It was so great to watch her evolve from a sketch to this! I absolutely love the pose, perspective, and dynamic action! It really throws you into the piece! You did such an amazing job with the color palette here as well! WOW. So beautiful!

stumpyfongo's avatar

Aw thanks Kovo, you seriously are the best! I'm glad the universe had us cross paths, you are such a positive influence in the art community!

TastyPeachStudios's avatar
stumpyfongo's avatar

Thank you!! Even though she tries to act tough on the outside, she totes loves you back...

Dzikawa's avatar

QvQ Why so epic! Hope to learn more and more from you! Love the details work so much! Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

stumpyfongo's avatar

Wow thank you so much!!!! You are always so kind!

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