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September 13, 2021
Empress of the Deep by stumpyfongo
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Empress of the Deep


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"Rumors abound of a power deep beneath the waves. Some call her the Empress of the Deep. Pledge your soul to her and the rewards will boundless... unimaginable power and riches beyond your wildest dreams!"

Finished up my entry for this month's #onelightchallenge! Originally I just had some cool references but no concept or story and the twitch chat helped this image to evolve into something so much more than I had envisioned in the beginning!

I stream most of my work live on twitch. Come hang out some time!
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© 2021 stumpyfongo
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Love this, the enchanting, and powerful magical effect. Your contrasts in dark and light along with the concept is clever.

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Wow! This is stunning. I really love the effort of details! ❤️ -Jordan / Christopher / Clementine

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Thank you! It was a bit of an educational piece for those that watch the stream, talking about how to use 3D to help supplement your work and use as reference.

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Very awesome! Great work!

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Realmente se ve muy buen tu dibujo que buen trabajo 👌

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This is just absolutely gorgeous, such amazing detail. Keep up the great work!

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She's going to eat him now! Smiling..

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I would absolutely love to know the references you used to inform your colour and lighting choice, because the skills demonstrated here just blow me out of the water. I can’t get over it! Amazing inspiring work.

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I did this all live on stream. (well it took a few streams) but you can see the beginning here:

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Stunning, love it!

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