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Elyzabeth Di Serpentis

Commission for Icedragoner of their OC Elyzabeth Di Serpentis.

Elyzabeth is a snake witch, the daughter of a noble woman and a sorcerer. Her father trained her to use magic and after he passed she became the leader of a small group of other adventurers. Her main focus is organizing research trips to acquire magical artifacts.

I was directed to compose the image from the Pov of the desk which was an interesting challenge. I say a challenge because I'm constantly trying to add more drama and perspective to the work that I do. Initially I had the desk level but part way through the sketch I though a nice tilt to the horizon line would do the trick. While she is still more-or-less straight up and down the horizon is very tilted which adds a sense of drama and movement. Additionally I wanted to play around with unexpected light sources and having a bright window-lit scene from behind seemed like a fun challenge. I tried several iterations with adding magic coming from the quill but ultimately they chose a more simple approach with just hints of magical energy coming from the marks recently made.

I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it!

I do most of my artwork live on Twitch, you should come hang out some time:
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This is such a beautiful portrait. I love the way the camera view is tilted, its adds so much drama to a common pose! The light framing her is just perfection gives her warm skin such a soft glow.

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Thank you!! Yea that camera tilt really changed things up. Glad you like it!

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The lighting is so beautiful, and as always your compositions are stunning.

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I’m always in awe in how you compose all the props around the character. Beautiful lighting and such a lovely vibrancy with the colors too!

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Aw thanks so much Quel!!!

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Omg! This is absolutely gorgeous! The design, the composition, the lighting, all the details! So well done!

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Thank you so much!!!

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This one is stunning! The depth of the character in front of the bright background is so well done! Also the composition has lots of movement. Great artwork <3

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Thanks so much!!

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