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Eckhardt von Gammelholm

Channel point sketch redeem for Rockchewer of their DnD wizard character Eckhardt von Gammelholm. On twitch I have channel point redemptions that you can save up for to get custom art like this one! I started this one a while ago but had to turn off the channel point rewards for a while because we were moving and had so many life changes at the time. It was fun to get to come back and revisit this one on stream to finish it up yesterday!

You should come hang out in the stream sometime!
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I love old wandering characters like this. The Cube symbolism is real! Fantastic job.

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Yea I love characters that seem like they've been on some sort of adventure. Thanks man!

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I love how this character looks fierce! I particularly enjoy the render on the cube he's holding. Great work :o

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Oh I remember seeing you work on this a while ago! Turned out great Stumpy :) Love how versatile you are with painting different characters/animals/personas!

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Ooh! A tesseract!

Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar

The “shadow” of a tesseract, to be precise.

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The lighting is really incredible in this. I get almost a greek god vibe with the design and the way the clouds roll in behind him. It's really stunning, Stumpy!!

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Call me crazy ;) but our dear Gammelholm does have a rather striking resemblance to Sean Connery (may he rest in peace).:o

Great work though, its a beautiful piece.:D

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