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Camellia the Warrior Princess

Just finished up the latest raffle portrait for Dewberrypanda of her OC Princess Camellia who is training to be the next Warrior Queen. When Dewberry first sent me the sketches of the character I didn't have a clear idea of her personality and decided to try to do a more nervous pose as opposed to the more heroic power poses that I normally do. Turns out this was exactly in line with the character and I'm really happy that I was able to breathe a bit of life into the character! Originally I had her kinda looking nervously off into the top right corner of the screen but there was nothing there haha. So I decided to add some sort of magical wisps or energy. I had a blast with this one!⁠⁠

We run raffles like this once a month and if you'd be interested in a chance to win, join our discord and participate in some of our challenges! I also stream all my art live on twitch, you should come hang out sometime!
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I will have to learn colors eventually.

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Yoo! You said you like the texture I use but... look at this piece! The amount of details on everything (sword, leaves, clouds, hair etc) it's amazing! I'm actually so glad I got the chance to know your work!

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Absolutely stunning! I really love the details in this and that color palette is :love: rvmp

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Wow! Thank you! This means a ton coming from you.