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C'shanza Ohma

This is C'shanza Ohma or Shanza. Shanza is a Miqo'te OC from Final Fantasy XIV done as a commission for Just a Rabbit! This was the description I was given for the character:

She's a very playful and smug personality on the surface. She tries to keep a smile on her face to cover up a lot of her insecurities because she doesn't want people to know that deep down, she's a bit of a troubled soul. She did a lot of bad things in her past and is now trying to make up for it. She tries her best to keep it all down but her sadness and regrets bubble up to the surface more often than not. It mostly shows in her smile. It looks normal but it always has this hint of sadness about it, like it's forced or fake, even when she thinks it's not."

I've been doing a lot of WoW art lately and it's been super refreshing to work on something from a different franchise! Don't get me wrong, I love Wow but this one was so much fun!

I do all my artwork live on twitch. You should come hang out some time:
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Yessss I will forever be a fan of FFXIV stuff from you! I love the clarity and sharpness of your details and how rich in color each of your pieces are! This one has such a nice bloom with the lighting that I can feel the warmth of the sun! I also love your take on the miqo’te.

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Coming from you, this is the highest of compliments because I know that FF holds a special place in your heart. Your final fantasy art and characters have always been so inspiring to me. Here's hoping that I'm able to get a few more FF commissions in the future because I love how much attention they pay to fashion! WoW Characters are great but the fashion in FF is hard to beat.

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Amazing!!! Love the character design, and the lighting is stunning… And the details on the gun good too.

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Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to comment!

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It's so beautiful! The lighting, fur, hair and personality shines in this 🤩

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Hey thanks Kloir! Means a lot coming from you!

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Woahhhh! This turned out so great! I absolutely love the details and the color palette! It's flows so great with the character and the background! Really great character!

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Thanks Kovo!!!! I'm so glad you like it! I always feel a bit of fear when creating characters from a franchise i've not explored as much because I know the fan base for some of these games can be huge and I want to make sure I get it right haha. Glad you like it!

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