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Vulcan du Star Trek



Quite possibly the most stupid thing I've ever made.

Fan art based of the very famous Le Chat Noir

You can read about the original artwork here: [link]

I made this to show that in my head canon Vulcans are very feline like, I think it fits them so well. I also realize there are many who do not agree with me. I have actually, apparently, insulted someone by thinking vulcans are so feline like. Go figure. So have some spoof fanart of some truly amazing art!

Le Chat Noir is by Théophile Steinlen
Art is by ~wolfself
Star Trek © Paramount
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Spoof or not, this is a stunning testimony to both a great piece of classical art and a wondrously complex character all at once. The texturing, and especially the effort placed into simulating the distinctive lettering, are both most impressive. Capturing the long, limber style of Le Chat Noir with a humanoid figure and retaining a similar pose is surely no small feat either. Bravo!

I am so glad to learn I'm not the only one to find some Vulcan traits positively feline.