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Nah, not going to work, Monsparkle.

The novel 'The count of Monte Cristo' written by: Alexandre Dumas.
The original 'My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic' series belong to Hasbro. 

Special thanks for helping me with the backgrounds:
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Also, thanks for correcting and other kinds of help:
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skyvelvet23's avatar
fluttershy is so salty and sour like girl you are on fireMr. Video Memes Sass Emote Deal With It 
You're scaring both of them, Shycedes. Although I think Edmond is only freaked out because he doesn't understand what is going on here to make you act a bit bipolar.
Digi-ResetNightling's avatar
You kill him and you DIE!!!
natitoonfan21's avatar
When is the next page gonna be up
warriorcats009's avatar
This is amazing! I love the original book, and you've adapted it really well!
Stuflox's avatar
Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] Aww, thank youuu!
CountessBlazy's avatar
XD I wonder what Fernando was gonna do with that knife.....
Count-Monsparkle's avatar
I was wondering how you were going to implement the scene with the dagger, and you totally nailed it. Monsparkle is just the perfect mix between villainous and pitiful and I love it =D Of course the expressions are great as always, especially Fluttershy's deadly glare ^^
tatu141's avatar
dammit... i need more...
SpireJekkie's avatar
Oh man... that face Shycedes makes in panel 13... she's just not going to take his crap, even to commit suicide.
Artista-Quirkypegasy's avatar
Is he going to stab him? 
Stuflox's avatar
He wanted to, but Flutters didn't let him.
Artista-Quirkypegasy's avatar
Oh I though he concealed it somehow 
purplefox1's avatar
Shy looks SO done and I love it lol. Meanwhile Dashie has the cutest little expressions and is far too innocent to face what's in store. Dashie must be protected. (Tbh this is one of my favorite scenes in the book as it covers Mondego's contempt so well. You did so well in portraying it, giving Monsparkle that angry, yet seemingly exhausted desperation and I LOVE it)
Stuflox's avatar
Thanks, glad you liked this page!^^
Jet-Maepa's avatar
Glad to see that Shy doesn't take crap from nopony.  And also glad to see this continue.  I might have to actually read the book.
Stuflox's avatar
With my speed of drawing those pages I will finish this comic when I'll be a granny, so... You should read the book xD
Isadamu's avatar
Nope. Hes not gonna grab that hoof.

Stuflox's avatar
Oh Noes!How did you know?! 
FluffleLord's avatar
Love the look on shy's face
JiangShouheng's avatar
I've been looking forward to your update, it's fantastic
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