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Im not one to ever write something like this but for once, for some reason, I feel like I should put this out there...
I'm almost finished the first term of my senior year at Drexel University. While I've learned a ton here, it's also made me regret a few things. Regret is such a rare word in my vocabulary. I almost feel ashamed to use it in regards to my personal decisions, as it's something so foreign to me, but here it is my one true regret in my 22 years here:

I wish I recognized myself better 5 years ago when I was forced to look into my higher education. I wish I recognized my creative ability seriously and cultivated it to it's full potential. I wish I looked into art school instead of liberal arts schools. I think in retrospect I should have chosen a school that could have grown my creativity for the woodwork, metalwork, jewelry, photography and other things I enjoy creating. However with that said, hindsight is 20/20 so I couldn't have easily done that being who I was back then.

They say college is a place for finding yourself. And I've definitely accomplished some of that at Drexel. I've received a great education from the professors in my major, def cant say that about some of the gen-eds but thats besides the point, I've learned a lot. Maybe realizing who I want to be is the silver lining. From here on out I will not only finish this academic year strong, but I will strive and take positive action to create who and what I want to be. I will embrace what I should have 5 years ago. My creative self.

When I finish this year and have my Bachelors Degree in Political Science, I am going to put all of my energy into Brass Monkey Customs and bring the action/extreme sports community the technological innovations they need to progress. I also won't limit myself in anyway. I'll work on my personal collection of jewelry, woodwork, metalwork, photography and more! 

Thanks for checkin out my page!
-Andrew 2016,
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