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Sutafi Stufful
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Art Trades open Stamp by Mel-Rosey pls trade with me im so lonely
hi im Sutafi
im just your typical middle school weeb : )
i have like 3 fandoms, pokemon/ pokepasta, vocaloid and. enough of ddlc for me to be disappointed in myself. im also pretty into mlp, cookie run, and know/ am interested in some other fandoms so feel free to try and get me obssessed with something better
i like spamming the feed with knife jokes and other weird creepy crap so yeag
i accidentally deleted my stamps im. cryin
note: i do have my controversial and offensive opinions, like everyone else, and if our opinions are the complete opposite, ill still lov and accept you based on your personality and how you treat me and others! and id hope you do the same to me! : )

good people 👌
:iconunownace: :iconkosskiddy: :iconflommo: :iconredridingwolf1365: :iconlord-shamiwoo: :iconsnowtwig: :icontotoparty:




okay so i just realized it was probably a terrible idea to ever watch anything including anime girls, rope, and death, again
when you blindly walk into a fandom only to see pictures of someone’s hanging themself
so uh im in choir at school
for some reason the teacher uses visuals to describe stuff
and like yeye thats normal 
just the visuals are kind of questionable sometimes
like barbie rapunzel 
or swallowing a balloon
or hanging yourself
the only things that really help the pain are vocaloid and ddlc
and if i have to be judged or called
to enjoy the only things that bring me joy and keep me from ending it all
then so be it 
why am i such a coward
why am i such an attention whore
when youre a girl and someone asks what gender your crush is, saying anything other than ‘wtf a boy’ or something like that immediately, basically indicates youre probably gay 
realizes that like half of what I post is vents and usually a lot in a row
im sorry I just have these phases of anxiety and end up venting a lotot
so last year when school started I made a gif based on my relationships with all my friends. I did make a lot of friendsships over the year and now 90% of them have been trampled on :^)
so heres my relationships with a few of my friends:
Candy- still have her number, haven't talked in a few months but occasionally text
Bonnie- stopped going to this school, still have her number but haven't talked since like may
Sweetness- still goes to this school and sits with me and talks to me like last year never happened
Summer- still goes to this school, sits at my table but never talks to me, tbh shes prolly just forgotten about me or is trying to
Icee- doesn't go to this school anymore, have her number but haven't talked since school ended
Pastel- have her number but haven't talked since like December, she does sometimes stay with Candy when Candy is talking to me
Maple- same as Pastel only talks way more often, still haven't talked in a long time
Patch- prolly either forgot me or hates me, last time we talked was january
Sporkle- have her number but last time we talked was like last summer lmAo
Calypso- same as Sporkle
Star- don't have any means of contact and don't know her anymore
Dreame- same as Star
Latte- same as Dreame
Mint- still goes to my school, occasionally says hi but that's it
Bubble- doesn't talk to me at all lmao, idk if she still even considers me a friend or remembers me at all //cries bc my crush rejected me
Banana- still really good friends !!
Ashi- still really good friends !!
Cocoa- sits at my table, but not in my same class, but still tries to talk to me
Lily- still friends, just not as good because of a few different reasons id prefer not state for a few different reasons. prefer not to state reasonception
I really want to do the hunger games simulator but with characters from a bunch of different fandoms
I tried but the only things I could think of were ddlc and those fandoms that wouldn't work with stuff like this like tattletail
someone pls throw fandom characters at me
being gay is wrong. there is no happiness and anyone who feels any is completely disgusting.
one time I was talking to this person roleplaying as bleach and they were makning these sexist remarks and I just said
"women are objects" says the bottle of bleach
me: ooooo a gay channel!
me: can I post gay art
someone else: keep your gay art in your butt
me: //runs away and never looks back

existential crisis because i really want to change Multi but i dont know if i should

ive had her as a pichu for almost 2 years and her personality is pretty much naive, bubbly, mischievous, pervert, acearo, dumb

i want to evolve her into a pikachu but even if i did, her personality would stay pretty much the same, but i want to change her personality to make her more mature and romantic, which means id always have to change her sexuality which wouldnt really work, and also it kind of defeats the purpose of her being able to transform between pikaclones

i was also thinking of just giving her a completely different personality for each pikaclone, which ive already kind of thought of doing, but id still have to change her sexuality an stuff between pikaclones which still wouldnt work. plus id imagine pikachu and raichu as being similar to her main form

im pretty much just having this issue because i kind of wanted to change my ocs to match the character they represented in the ddlc squad 

Silver and Multiplus already pretty much for their character roles perfectly, and Maizy was already slightly gross and concerning so i just made her worse lmao. but Multi’s personality bugs me a lot since ive been doing a lot with the ddlc squad and messing around with her personality a lot and its making me want to permanently change her

why is character development so hard

also why did i even get into ddlc in the first place, if i didnt ( or just chose a character that made more sense ) i wouldnt have this problem smh

looking at my finger makes me want to throw up
eww my finger looks so gross

theres like blood pooled under the skin at the fingernail base
hi im storing all my vents I have up rn and also don't know why I didn't earlier
I took the wrong things with a grain of salt
ive been watching too much weeb crap lately hhhhhhhhh


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RedRidingWolf1365 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Could you draw Celeste in that hip new style?
stuffuI Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeag I’ll try to redraw the old picture tomorrow
RedRidingWolf1365 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
RedRidingWolf1365 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, can you show me your stash?

I wanna see your fan art of Celeste because my ego is deflated.
stuffuI Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hahaha bIG MOOD

anyways here chu go:
She Is Beauty She Is Grace
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