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This is a Gathering Spot for all lovers of furries, plushies, cuddlies and any of our stuffed friends.

Whether they be Penguin, Panda, Teddy or Manatee
Whether they be in your hands, on your lap or on your head.
The only criteria for submissions is that they have to be photographs of You and your cuddly toy friends.

We have a Members Gallery where it is acceptable to add photos of just your furries, so if you are interested in submitting photos of your Cuddlies but haven't got photos including yourself, please consider joining, its free, its easy and we will send you hugs (and possibly cupcakes)!

We are a HAPPY GROUP so please enjoy yourself, have a laugh and show appreciation to our Contributors :clap:



Welcome to THE most awesome group for all of you who :heart: love their stuffed furr-iends!

We are a HAPPY group, :nod:  as the note from our wonderful founder says...and we want your experience here to be HAPPY! Stuffed-with-Love is unique, in that, we like to see pictures of YOU, our members, with your furr-iends. However, if you would like to submit photos of your furries alone, we do have a place for them which is appropriately called the "Members' Gallery."

In the 3+ months it's been since having accepted the role of Co-Founder of Stuffed-with-Love, it's been an absolute pleasure! :boogie: The group has some truly amazing artists, and I've enjoyed viewing the wonderful deviations we've received. You're all very creative with many of your submissions, which makes it even more FUN!

We've recently unveiled the group's new icon, created by the very talented April  :iconme2smart4u: (Me2Smart4U), making this is a great opportunity to personally thank each one of you for your membership, submissions, support, and friendship.

It's been a great experience thus far, and we hope to see more of you, your furry furr-iends, and lots of new members! Spread the word, share in the fun, and HAPPY!

Your Friend and Co-Founder,
aka purrrplcat

:iconpurplecatplz:  :iconpurpleheartplz:

Thank You Crystal :)
Yes Folks, we may not have properly celebrated it, but the Group has been alive for over a year now, and as my Trusty Co-Founder has so eloquently said, its success thus far is all down to you amazing artists and your amazing creations, your furry collections and your love of all things Stuffed (Turkeys not included)
I'd like to extend a Massive THANK YOU to all of our Members for being here, to April for her wonderful work in making us a new Group Icon and of Course to Crystal my Purrrplicious Co-Founder without her i'd still be drawing stick men in caves :clap:
Keep Smiling, Keep Loving, Keep being Amazing.
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JamJams Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm guessing this group is no longer active? ;n;
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Hi there. I'm typing this because I know of a Kickstarter Project that I think needs to be funded, and I think people like you would be most interested in helping out.

The project in question is a comic adaptation of a series of books called "The Teddy Bear Tales". The story in question is about a Teddy Bear named Tristen who defends his child from monsters under the child's bed. The stories have been available in traditional storybook format, but now the creators wish to have the books converted into graphic novel format in hopes of reaching an audience who would have otherwise ignored it.

The Project needs $2,225.00 in order to be funded, and it needs to reach its goal by June 6th at 3:22 PM EDT. As of this post, the project has $500.00.

I guess I thought this project is one that needs to be funded, and thought that the people who would be most interested in this project are people who like teddy bears. If you would like to see and/or help fund this project, here's a link to the Kickstarter page.


By the way, I apologize if I seemed weird by showing you this completely out of the blue, or presumptuous by assuming you would want to fund it simply because you are a group that likes stuffed toys. Sure, I could just post something about it, but I don't think the people I want to reach would see it. So, I decided to spread the word like this. Still, sorry if I seemed weird or presumptuous.

That said, let me know what you think of the project once you see the link, if you would like to that is.
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My Journal:

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Looking for a MLP plush maker message me if interested
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i sell stuffed animals,figures and Lion King plushies:
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Hi there,

i sell plushies x3

WolfPhantom111 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Looking for someone who is willing to make an human like version of guilmon from digimon if interested message me
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1.Dont mess with pinke
2.Me & pinkie are friends
3.Ponies live with me...
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Welcome to the group Leanne :)
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Welcome to the group Katie :)
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