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My Bio

Hello! Hello

My name is Monica, I'm Italian and I'm currently studying maths at university.

I love reading, especially reading novels, writing and gazing at stunning examples of visual art. I also like to draw and I'm trying my best to improve, and that's why I decided to join this community.

During my stay in Deviantart I hope I'll find a lot of advice and helpful criticism. I'll work hard to do my part in sharing inspiring images and contributing to the growth of fellow creatives, as well.

[i]: potted flower pixel [i]: potted flower pixel

To be honest, I had another Deviantart account that I abandoned a few years ago. If you're curious, you should still be able to find it somewhere...

Favourite Visual Artist
Gipi; Hiromu Arakawa
Favourite Movies
The tale of princess Kaguya
Favourite TV Shows
Scrubs; Bojack Horseman
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Elio e le storie tese; Sigur Rós
Favourite Books
Tales from Earthsea, Ursula K. Le Guin; Le petit prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Favourite Writers
Neil Gaiman; Ursula K. Le Guin; Diana Wynne Jones
Favourite Games
I'm currently playing "The legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild"

Patterns I love

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During my stay in Deviantart I want to do my part in sharing inspiring images and contributing to the growth of a community feeling. This is why I decided to publish this series of journals about deviations I love, so that people visiting my profile page can enjoy them as well. I just :heart: patterns. They are fascinating, elegant, funny. I love the repetition of beautiful things! Some beautiful examples of patterns I found browsing Deviantart: Fractals are characterized by self-similarity, that is, if you zoom in on one part of a fractal, you will see something similar to the whole image. This is why I consider fractals as peculiar examples of patterns, hence I included them in this list. I don't think many people know exactly how fractals are constructed as mathematical objects, but surely a lot of Deviants enjoy them as a powerful way of expressing themselves artistically: here are a few samples of their amazing work. We can find amazing patterns
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Hello! I'm finally back after a really long personal issues & summer break. I didn't forget I still have one request to draw. I promise I'll do it soon using all my skills. Sorry for the inconvenience! Anyway, this journal is about Inktober. I've been thinking of accepting this challenge for many years but I never had the courage, also because the very idea of having to complete an illustration each day makes me feel anxious. But these days I'd really like to experiment some new ideas. Hence, when my friend A. told me she'll be joining Inktober with her origamis, I couldn't step back. (I definitely should draw that request first. But right now I need to feel creative and free while drawing, so again, I'm deeply sorry and I'll try to complete it during the next weeks, as well.) So i'll join Inktober, but I'll be following my own rules! I understand that there are some significant controversies going on about Inktober and its creator. However, I don't want to "cancel" this
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Just a few infos about my requests and commissions policy, to be updated in time I'm not currently offering commissions because I think I still have to improve as an artist before I can set commission prices which are rewarding enough for my work. I'm usually available for requests, as long as we discuss them together, because I often struggle to find ideas for my artwork and I think doing something for others can be a great source of inspiration. Anyway I really need to discuss your requests before accepting them, both because I'm still learning how to draw and there are a lot of things I can't do, and because I never want to draw forcibly so there are subjects (such as unnecessary porn or violence) I will decline. I'm usually available and enthusiast about collaborations as well, but of course we have to discuss them together, mostly for the same reasons I mentioned in the previous point. I truly enjoy collaborating, even with artists of a different level than mine,
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Donation Pool

Just savin' up for Core

I'm not offering commissions, but we can discuss your requests and I'll do my best to fulfill them - even without a donation, although donors will be granted priority.

More info in my requests post :)

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