Watercolor Strudel Commissions!
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Hey there! I loooove strudels and want to paint more! I mean I love mine, but getting some muns is nice too. lol 

I usually charge $65 for a single character with a simple background on 5x7 paper but for strudels I'm going to $35 for the first 5 (if that many are interested). Or I'll do a trading card size for $15, though the details will be less since it's smaller.

I may also use some gouache or colored pencil to add extra detail. But it'll mostly be watercolor. I scan at 1200dpi so you could print it as a poster if wanted. I can also ship for whatever the price to ship is from USA. :)

I'll also take crumbs but I don't know what the exchange rate is. Anyways, the strudel samples are all my gal Paloma. :3 I love her so much. 


5x7 size
Snow Day by stuffbydelle Sweet Swim by stuffbydelle

Trading card size.
End of the Rainbow by stuffbydelle

My watercolor gallery: valandelle.deviantart.com/gall…
Ok that's all. I am terrible at making posts like this. Ahhhh. 

Only strudels!! >:0 

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