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November 2018 Sale by stuffaeamade
I'm having an end-of-year sale this month! 20% off everything (except my fan-zines). Clearance items included!
No coupon code needed, the discount will automatically apply at checkout!

I've got issues of Magnolia & Vern, silkscreen prints, artwork originals, buttons, magnets, and handmade books!
Lots of limited edition and one of a kind art, so take a look!…
Hey all,

I have silkscreen prints, comic books, magnets, original artwork AND MORE available at my online shop!
All orders come with extra goodies <3

stuff AEA made on Storenvy
So far I am confirmed for Artist Alley / Vendor at the following conventions:

Siouxper Con
April 15-17  2016
Sioux Falls SD

SoDak Con
June 24-26 2016
Rapid City SD

Hopefully more to come! :)

I will have my usual wares, including comic books, artwork, magnets, and commission supplies!

Some changes for commissions this year-

The base prices of my at-con sketch commissions are now $10 for a single character bust (head and shoulders/torso), $20 half-body (mid-thighs and up), and $30 full-body.
The base price doubles for for each additional character, so 2 charas is $20/$40/$60, 3 charas would be $30/$60/$90.

Quotes for traditional inks / colors available upon request, starting at $30 inked bust and $50 colored bust.

Sketch / ink / marker commissions will be on 100lb 8.5x11 inch white acid free cardstock.
Watercolor commissions are on 140lb 9x12 inch Strathmore cold press watercolor paper.

Digital prices (…) are still the same.

Updates and Such~

Firstly! I found another one-day anime con to table at!

Dargon Con will be on Aug 16, from 10am to 8:30pm at Dragon’s Den in Sioux Falls SD. I managed to snag the last available vendor table and will be taking commissions and selling my comics + the usual stuff (art, prints, journals, magnets, etc).

Secondly! I tidied up my commission info!

I do take commissions outside of cons! I’ve got three slots available right now. If you’re interested, read through the info on my commission page and shoot me an email~

Thirdly! Some Magnolia & Vern news

I’m still working on the first collected M&V ebook. The actual comic pages are done and locked, it’s just the cover, bonus content, and a few other bits to finish.
In addition, I’m working on another batch of shorts to rebuild my buffer. If things go according to plan, I may be able to release the second M&V collected ebook before the year is over. That would be cool, but…

Fourthly, My wrists are being awful.

I’ve been dealing with tendinitis and borderline carpal tunnel syndrome in both my wrists for several years now. Mostly because of overwork and not stretching / resting them enough. Both wrists flared up, and when that happens it effectively kills a week for me, art-wise. (Take care of your wrists, people!!)
I’m resting, and stretching a lot, and they are feeling much better, so hopefully I can ease back into drawing on Monday. I want to do more art streams, too.

Fifthly, Mushi Shi is very, very good and you should watch it. :)

That is all!

Super last minute, but I'll be vending at Torii Con, a one-day anime con in the Muenster University Center on the USD campus in Vermillion SD this Saturday, the 28th. The con runs 10am-11pm, but I dunno that I'll stay quite that late.

More info on the con is here:…

I will have magnets, some journals, original art and prints, and my commission supplies.
Since it's a one day con I'll probably stick to sketches, with the option for larger ink / color works to be completed and mailed after the con.

EDIT: Looks like the vending room hours are 11am - 9pm, so I will try to be there the entire time!
Sailor Moon by stuffaeamade

I’m scheduled for 10 hours less than my preferred minimum this week, so I’m hoping to make up the difference with some commissions!

The Details:
-Open Nov 30 - Dec 6, 2014 ONLY
-Digital head & shoulder / bust single character sketches
-5x7 inches (12.7x17.8cm) at 100dpi, 2 colors
-No revisions
-Personal use only, no commercial / for profit work.
-Original & fan characters okay, fanart on a case-by-case basis (usually okay tho)
-No portraits / celebrities (too time consuming) or mecha & furries (I’m not good at drawing those, sorry)

10 slots available
$6 US each
Payment via PayPal (I can probably make Square Invoices work too tho)

If you’re interested, please send me an email at stuffAEAmade AT gmail DOT com with the subject “commission flash sale” with the following:

1. A link to a visual reference of the character you want drawn,
2. A sentence about their personality,
3. What sort of expression you’d like them to have,
4. What 2 colors you want me to use (hex codes are fine),
5. What email I should send an invoice to.

If I accept your commission, I will send you an invoice and as soon as it’s paid I will start working on it!


(if the slots fill quickly and I get them done quickly, I will open more)


The 30% holiday sale is still going for my online shop, it ends on Dec 1 at midnight.

And you can buy PDFs of my comics on Gumroad!


My final show for 2014 will be at the Benson Flea Market at the WH Lyon Fairgrounds Expo Building, December 6-7, Sioux Falls SD.

Magnolia & Vern relaunched as a webcomic on September 23! It updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Read from the beginning here -…

As of today, The Forest redraw is about 90% complete. All that's left is inking the final page, finishing the bonus miniprint, and assembling the print / digital PDFs for proofing. That all ought to be done by the end of the month, though I'm not sure when I'll actually get it printed. I'm currently sitting on several things that are ready to proof & print, it's just a matter of getting the funds together to do so. Next year seems more likely at the moment.


Online Shop -

I added a bunch of things to my Clearance section (… ) and discounted most of the prices by 50%. Use the coupon code "ClearItOut" for an additional 10% off. That code will work on everything in my shop, not just clearance items.

I also keep a 'for sale' tag on my tumblr (… ). Contact me if you're interested in any of the items in it!

My shop is long overdue for an update, I have a bunch of new items to add. That will be one of my winter projects.

W/R/T Commissions!

I am going to close commissions at the end of September for the rest of the year so I can focus on comics. Prices will go up when they reopen next year, so If you want to get something at the current price points, contact me before then! :)…

W/R/T Digital Comics!

Remember when I said I was going to raise the prices on my digital comics back in July? Yeah, I forgot too. But I AM actually gonna do it on Friday, Aug 15. So if you want any of those at $1 each, grab them now!

W/R/T Print Comics!

I am running low on many of the first printings of Magnolia & Vern issues with the bonus mini-print. If you want those, buy them sooner rather than later!…

I'll have a table at the Benson Flea Market this weekend, Aug 2nd and 3rd, at the Expo Building at the WH Lyon Fairgrounds in Sioux Falls, SD.
It's also the opening weekend of the Sioux Empire Fair, and I've been hearing that attendance is expected to be in the tens of thousands. If so, it'll easily be the largest show I've ever done.

I have no idea what to expect. I'll have supplies for commissions, but I don't know if I'll take many or advertise them too much. Sounds like foot traffic could be overwhelming enough.

I will for sure have my little journals, linoleum block prints, minicomics, and some original art for sale!
I just got back from Fargo Core Con, which was a slower con for me, but I had a good time nonetheless. I'll try to attend again next year if the dates don't conflict with anything else.

My next con will be Anime Fargo Sept 26-28 in Fargo ND. I'll have a table in the Artist Alley.
I'm also looking into local craft fairs and flea markets, more on that as I confirm details.

My plan for the rest of the summer is to settle down into a routine and get back to work on my comic book Magnolia & Vern. My goal is to relaunch the webcomic version before the end of summer.

Commissions are open! --…

My online shops are open!
-- physical goods --
-- digital goods --

My art blog is on tumblr, that's where I post art most often --

And the quickest way to get ahold of me is twitter --

So far I have been confirmed for:

No Brand Con in Eau Claire WI, April 25-27, Artist Alley -

SoDak Con in Rapid City SD, May 30-June 1, Artist Alley -

I will have mini comics, handmade journals / sketchbooks, original linocut / linoleum block prints, some odds and ends, a bunch of original artwork for sale, and I'll be taking commissions. Come see me early if you want a commission, especially something inked or colored, because my slots usually fill up pretty quick!

I will also close my Storenvy shop the Wednesday before each con, so if you've had your eye on something, pick it up before then!

Right now I am busy finishing up another issue of Magnolia & Vern, so I can debut three new ones at No Brand Con!
I will probably have some kind of bundle where you can pick up all the issues so far at a discounted price.


commissions are OPEN -…
online shops - and
Whew, it's been a while, huh?

I don't frequent DA all that often, and I took a break from drawing during the end of 2013 so I didn't have too much to post. I'm working on minicomics again so an update should happen soonish.

I'm having a sale in my online shop this month! Use code "CATSAIL" to get 20% off! I've put a lot of new items up in the past several weeks, so check it out! :)

I am also lining up convention appearances for 2014, more info on that as I confirm details.

I am currently open for commissions and paid freelance work!…
The prices listed there are for digital commissions, but I can also take traditional commissions. Contact me for a quote.

As always, my tumblr art blog updates almost daily with sketches and WIPs of whatever I'm working on.

My up-to-date commission info will always be available here -…
My terms, prices, and examples are all there.

I'm only taking three slots at a time right now, because I'm also working on a new 8 page minicomic, a 12 page comic for an anthology, and a pitch for an ongoing comic series.

I will be in the Artist Alley at SogenCon in Sioux Falls, SD Aug 30-Sept 1!
I will have pretty much everything in my Storenvy shop, and I will be taking commissions!

Until next time :)

Long time no journal!

I've been busy adjusting to post-college life, dayjob, and working on my various comic projects.

-I have a website now! It's still under construction but I hope to have ready soon!
-Magnolia vs Kitten is complete! Physical copies are here… and high resolution PDFs are here . When my website is done it will be available to read there for free.
-I have 3 PDFs up on Gumroad two of which are free!
-I'm currently working on The Runaway Hat, another 16 page minicomic. Aiming to have it done in June.
-I'll be at SoDak Con June 21-23 in Rapid City SD.
-I'm planning on attending Sogen Con August 30-September 1 in Sioux Falls SD. Still waiting for the Artist Alley registration to open.

For more frequent art posts, check my tumblr which updates almost daily. I also spam my twitter with whatever I'm up to at the moment.

Cheers! :)
Hello, long time no post!

I finished school, so now I can dive headfirst into making comics again <3<3

I think I'll start putting a few more finished pieces up here.

My tumblr still updates every day, lots of sketches and wips over there.

I'm also open for commissions, my info and pricing can be found here…

And I have an online shop with a variety of goods here
Getting internet installed on Wednesday, start training at my job tomorrow, done with school until June, spent all the cash I got selling text books on comic books, and penciled 9 comic pages in the last 2 days.

Nothing lights a fire under your butt like learning your senior exhibition is right away spring semester!  Anything I want to show needs to be done this year, winter break at the latest.


Finals are next week and I've found a job, so all that's left is getting an internet connection for my computer, which I hope to do sometime this week!

Then I'll finish working out commission samples and prices and get those opened up.

As always, my tumblr is getting lots of updates

Whoa, this semester has been cruising by.  I can't believe it's already April!

I'm moving into a cute little apartment with my kitties and bunny this weekend.  As soon as I get my office/studio space set up, and get my terms and prices fine-tuned, I'm going to open up for personal commissions. :)  Hopefully that will be in mid-April, May at the latest.

I've discovered while sorting through my room and packing that, holy crap, I have a ton of stuff.  When did I get so much stuff?  I went through piles of old art and tossed it out.  I don't think I had thrown away a single thing I had ever drawn since I was 13; it was ridiculous.

I've got a bunch of anime dvds, manga, and anime/video game OSTs that I don't want anymore.  I also have a ton of Viz Shonen Jump issues.  Is anyone interested in seeing a list of what I have?  I'm going to start putting it on Ebay once I get things organized.

Ahaha, and here I thought going to an anime con mid-semester was nuts!
(Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure SogenCon is the only one I'll be getting to this year, and I'm going to focus only on portraits/commissions and little journals.  Fuzzy ears will be on clearance.)

My tumblr has been getting way more updates than here!
Once I'm settled and have internet I'll get my DA up to date!

I've been wanting to make an art blog for a while now, something with a less cluttered interface to put sketches, wips, and comic rough drafts.

Anyway, check it out, I should be updating it more frequently than my DA.
Goals for 2011:

Draw more.  A lot more.
Anatomy anatomy anatomy.
Try my hand at some more illustrative pieces.
Complete at least two short comics.
Get to the point where I can start drawing pages for my long term comic project.

School starts next week!  I've got more figure drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, and art history.
Phew, now that Nebraskon's over I just wanna crash crash crash so hard, but it's that time of the semester where things start getting busy.  Thanksgiving is in two weeks, it's crazy how fast the time goes.

Drawings from Nebraskon should be up later this week, along with more rough comic sketches.  I need to get caught up on NaNoManGo.