2009 and Sick

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:invisible:  2009
So 2009 is here. Yay? I guess. (shrug)

On the plus side 2008 is finally over. I was going to write something up about the past year, but there's no point. The new year is here. Lots to get done, including finding a job! Gotta focus on that.

As far as art goes, I'm not sure what I'll be starting next. Inspiration evades me still, but I'll start something soon regardless. I haven't forgotten about the "free sketches" - so that's still on my list too! I'd like to do some brand new photography. My preference is portraiture, but I'm a bit bored with the self-portraits and I'm not lucky enough to have models on hand. So I'm not sure what to focus on. Any suggestions?

:sick:  Sick!

Seriously, I need to stop getting sick!

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Well It's Wack When You're Jacked In The Back Of A Ride
With Your Know With Your Flow When You're Out Getting By
Believe Me What You See Is What You Get
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Well I Think I'm Losing My Mind This Time
This Time I'm Losing My Mind
That's Right, Said I Think I'm Losing My Mind This Time
This Time I'm Losing My Mind

Yeh, You Can't Front On That

But Little Do You Know About Something That I Talk About
I'm Tired Of Driving It's Due Time That I Walk About
But In The Meantime, I'm Wise To The Demise
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Well I'm Dr. Spock I'm Here To Rock Y'All
I Want You Off The Wall If You're Playing The Wall
I said What'cha Want
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See I'm The Long Leaner Vincent The Cleaner
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You Can't Front On That
So What'cha Want

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targetyousuf's avatar
THank you so much for Featuring my work :)
EaterOfWorlds's avatar
Aaah! It'd be so fun to be a model for you!...alas...there's a lot of miles in between us. Well, hopefully we'll get to see some new stuff from you. I've been slowly crawling back onto the scene, lately, myself. We could make a comeback together! We can be a team! We can call ourselves...uh...*looks around the room* "Team Lampshade!"
studpup's avatar
team lampshade?! lol. oh you! :)

but yeah, i am trying so hard to find motivation somehow. for me, it's not as easy as just saying to get off my butt and do stuff, you know? oh well. after my cousin's go home tomorrow i will take someone's advice and try the macro ice shots and see what comes of that...

and yeah, it'd be fun if you were a model for me! :)
EaterOfWorlds's avatar
Yeah, I know what you mean. The only way I'm getting around to producing stuff is to have people ask me for it. I just can't think of my own ideas right now. But, yes! You should do that! Anything to get back in the "swing of things." Maybe that will be what you need to work up some new motivation.
Hahaha! You'd have the weirdest, most scary gallery, and you'd have so many people leaving comments like "Wait...what? Why would you do that?"
studpup's avatar
i have ideas, but my heart isn't into it. i know i know i know i should just force myself to do practice stuff, but... well you know how that goes, i think

if i feel well enough, i will do some macro shots tonight though or tomorrow when the sun is out. good lighting helps with that stuff immensely!

and what are you talking about? you modeling for me? it'd be awesome. everyone would love it! except you would probably be grouchy about seeing yourself. i know how you are ;)

EaterOfWorlds's avatar
No, no, no! Nothing ever comes out well when you force it. It'll just make it harder to find your inspiration.
Hahaha! Nuh-uh! I would not! Not if you could make me look decent...like in that picture where I'm at Taco Bell. I love that pic. It's on my mantle. So there. :P
studpup's avatar
yeah, but it's actually good to force yourself to just do basic stuff to keep yourself practicing the actual skills. what happens for me sometimes is that i take long breaks from traditional work and then when i am inspired, i struggle to actually create what's in my mind - because technically i am not at the same level as i was before.

you have a pic of you at taco bell?
studpup's avatar
lol brilliant!!!
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Dr-Fantine's avatar
I would be your model if I could! =o
Dr-Fantine's avatar
*Hugs* Love you big brother!^^
Valerhon's avatar
You should be doing what inspires you - if nothing inspires you at the moment, it might be time to open your eyes wider and observe the world around you more deeply and see what emerges. That works for me every time. I hope you get healthy asap. Remember that your mind (mood, perspective, creativity) and body are connected.
studpup's avatar
It's not exactly that I don't have ideas, but i don't have the motivation... so it's more that I don't have the inspiration to push me to actually start, well, anything. Been a bit too bogged down in a mix of depression and illness, I guess.

Yeah, I know they are connected and I should make more of an effort to take care of both my body and mind... I know....
taintedbliss's avatar
Feel better honey! :glomp:
studpup's avatar
Random-Acts-Stock's avatar
Thanks for the feature :)

dridgett's avatar
Start drawing people from da? theres plenty of interesting people on here.
Sucks your sick, I'm still getting better, but still kinda sick.
But on the up side, I got signed on as a casual at that company yesterday. There's no minimum hours but they have 4 big projects going right now, so I'm pretty sure it'll be at least a few days a week.
studpup's avatar
actually, that has to do with the "free sketches" i mentioned. this [link] is the first and only one i've uploaded. obviously i am doing more than plain sketches, but... i need to get back to that. i'm kinda trying to think of photo projects too though

congrats on the job thing!!!!!!!!!!
hawthorne-cat's avatar
macro photography?

cool feature. chocolate! yummy!
studpup's avatar
hmm... i dunno. maybe. i'm not really feeling macro, but maybe that's just cause i'm not trying. good idea. it's been a while since i've tried that. hmm...
hawthorne-cat's avatar
what about getting out of the house... and doing a theme of snow and ice... ???
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